Minister Arslan meets with Mesquita, Minister of Transport and Communications of Mozambique

Minister Arslan, Mozambican Transport and Communications Minister met with Mesquite: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, they can do in the transportation and communication are important to Mozambique with Turkey, he said they would take up the next business associations.

Minister Arslan, the Special Representative of Mozambique President Nyusi, Minister of Transport and Communications Carlos Mesquita, said in a statement before the meeting, the embassy in Mozambique in Mozambique 2011 after the opening of relations between the two countries is pleased that their relations, both in the field of construction and aviation problem-free, good relations, he said.

In particular, maritime and experience gained in Turkey in information and news reporting, knowledge and technical infrastructure consulted by Arslan expressed how they talk more to do business in Mozambique, "which is important for both countries to transport and can in communications annihilated, then discussed our cooperation We will take. ”

  • Eri I am here to strengthen the relations between the two countries “

The Mesquite expressed here is to strengthen relations between the two countries, Turkey's private sector and all kinds of international organizations to support bilateral cooperation in the commercial sense in drawing attention to the existence in Mozambique and about Turkey's happy to support, in peace and stability noted that all of Mozambique's investors and entrepreneurs are open to the end of their doors.

The interview continued later off to the press.

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