urla steamship starts mayista
35 Izmir

Urla Ferry Expeditions Start on May 18

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality İZDENİZ General Directorate is starting the Urla ferry service from 18 May. KarşıyakaFollowing the , Konak, Güzelbahçe route and ending at Urla Pier, the expeditions will take place on Saturdays and Sundays. The latest technology [more…]

First Electric Highway Test in Germany
49 Germany

First Electric Highway Test in Germany

Germany became one of the countries that accelerated its initiatives for “environmentally friendly freight transport”. Accordingly, the first otoyol electric motorway ed test in the country is carried out on the 5 kilometer of the highway between the cities of Frankfurt and Darmstadt. Electricity and [more…]

alpha x train running at km per hour began testing in japan
81 Japan

Alpha-X Train Speeding 400 Speeds per Hour

Alfa-X, which will replace the famous Shinkansen trains in Japan, has started its first tests. The train can reach a speed of 400 km / h and will move at a speed of 360 km / h in the daily journey. JR East, one of the Japanese railway companies, [more…]

public transport in national holidays will be free
33 Mersin

Public Transport in Mersin

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer gave the good news that the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Public Transportation services, which are free for religious holidays, will now be free for national holidays. Improvement studies in progress continue [more…]

surprise for mothers in the nostalgic tram
07 Antalya

Surprise for Mothers on the Nostalgic Tram

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality handed out 3 thousand flowers to female passengers on the nostalgic tram on Mother's Day. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Co., Women's passengers on Mother's Day welcomed a nice surprise. Zerdalism - History and culture [more…]