dubai yenisehir first flight in Turkey
16 Bursa

Dubai-Yenisehir Aircraft Launches First Step

Although… Some people don't like it, but Arab tourists keep Bursa tourism alive. Moreover, the increasing number of Arab tourists in recent years has brought the revival of shopping centers. In that respect... Tourism professionals from Bursa showed great interest in the tourism fair in Dubai. While most of the Bursa hotels were opening stands and making connections at the fair, we heard that there was no hotel that could not reach its goal. However… The contacts made in Dubai gave hope to tourism professionals from Bursa. [more…]

to reach the target million passengers
34 Istanbul

Target in Turkish Aviation 450 Million Passengers

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M. Cahit Turhan, stating that the number of passengers in aviation in Turkey has increased from 15 million to 34 million in the last 210 years, "Our goal is to reach 450 million passengers." said. “Istanbul Airport Economy: Future and Opportunities Panel” was held at the Albert Long Hall of the university in cooperation with İGA, THY and Boğaziçi University Students Association. Speaking at the opening of the event, Minister Turhan said that Istanbul Airport, Turkey's [more…]

tourist train destination
06 Ankara

Tourist Destination Destination Destination

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy said, “We are adding the Eastern Express, whose main task is to provide transportation between Ankara and Kars, and we are putting the “Touristic Eastern Express” into service, which will develop the regional economy and increase tourism revenues. Our new goal is to increase the popularity of train tourism in Turkey and to spread this concept to other cities.” Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy [more…]

Karamanda began to work on the problem of parking
70 Karaman

Efforts Started to Solve Parking Problem in Karaman

Karaman Municipality turned the area where Anafartalar Secondary School is located into a parking lot as a temporary solution to the parking problem in the city. Karaman Mayor Savaş Kalaycı arranged the location of the old Anafartalar Secondary School, which was demolished due to the increasing urban traffic and parking problems, as a parking lot. Anafartalar School, which was demolished within the scope of the City Square project, with the instruction given by Mayor Kalaycı, was completed with the work initiated by the Directorate of Science [more…]

heromarasta massacre
46 Kahramanmaras

Contactless Boarding Period Starts in Public Transport in Kahramanmaraş

Intelligent systems used in public transportation were introduced at the press conference held in cooperation with Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality and E-Kent. Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality and E-Kent are implementing the "New KahramanKart Mobile Application", " KahramanKart Top Up with SMS" and "Public Transportation Payment with Contactless Bank Cards". E-Kent, the leading company in ticketing technologies with Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality, offers smart transportation solutions specific to Kahramanmaraş. [more…]

erzurumda mass transit hours ramadan arrangement
25 Erzurum

Ramadan Regulation for Public Transportation Hours in Erzurum

In Erzurum, on the occasion of the month of Ramadan, a regulation was made in the application of the last time in public transportation. Due to the month of Ramadan in the city public transport lines, the last time was arranged by taking into account the time that the citizens will spend before sahur, tarawih, Ramadan events, social activities and shopping. Accordingly, the last departure time on G7, B2, B3, G4 and G5 lines is 24:00, B1, G1, G9, [more…]

Manisa city hospital before pedestrian icon
45 Manisa

Road Marking Study Before Manisa City Hospital

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department teams carried out road marking works in front of the City Hospital in order to ensure pedestrian and vehicle safety. After determining the road lines, the teams drew attention to the importance of life in traffic by placing the 'Pedestrian First' icons on the route as part of the 2019 Pedestrian Priority Traffic Year events announced recently. Department of Transportation Traffic Services Branch Office [more…]

minimizing the target group
27 Gaziantep

Minimizing Target Noise in Gaziantep

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality held a Gaziantep Noise Action Plan (GAGEP) meeting. At the meeting, within the scope of the noise action plan to be implemented in Şahinbey, Şehitkamil and Nizip districts, the determination of the highest noise areas, the sources of noise and the road map to be followed for removing the noise from the city were determined. Initiating studies against noise with the main theme of “Make a difference for a quieter city, for a quieter environment” [more…]

floods in Erzincan canceled trains
24 Erzincan

Flood Occurred in Erzincan Canceled Train Flights

As a result of the overflow of the Karasu River near the Kargın District of Tercan in Erzincan, the agricultural lands in the region, the E-80 Highway and the train roads were flooded. A flood occurred in the Karasu River, whose water level rose due to heavy rainfall and melting snow in Erzincan. As a result of long-term rains, the flood, which is effective in the stream beds on the flow path of the water, has caused some areas in the Karasu River. [more…]

paving on the way to bursa goruklede and kayapa
16 Bursa

Asphalting Work in Bursa Görükle and the Kayapa Road

Within the scope of the works carried out by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, the hot asphalt work on the way to İzmir road and Görükle Kayapa road from the metro stop in Uludağ University Görükle Campus have been completed. Metropolitan Municipality, which has made great efforts to increase the quality of smart intersection applications, road expansions and public transportation vehicles in order to produce radical solutions to transportation, which is the most fundamental problem of Bursa. [more…]

gerede ropeway project for antalya technical trip
14 Bolu

Technical Trip to Antalya for Gerede Teleferic Project

A technical trip was organized to Antalya for the cable car line planned to be built by Gerede Municipality in Gerede. Mayor Mustafa Allar and the accompanying technical and administrative team examined the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Tünektepe Cable Car on site regarding the planned Cable Car System. Making a statement on the subject, Gerede Mayor Mustafa Allar; ''We are on-site with our technical and administrative team. [more…]