BTS conveyed the problems of TCDD Transportation Personnel to Arıkan

bts is the general aristotle
bts is the general aristotle

United Transport Workers Union (BTS), TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. General Manager Erol Arıkan held a meeting with the problems encountered in the workplace.

BTS Chairman Hasan Bektaş and General Law TİS and Human Rights Secretary made a meeting with Arıkan to discuss the following problems.

1- Unsuccessful and unexamined technician's title to some of the machinist personnel who failed after the psychotechnical examination gives uneasiness to the employees. This should also be provided to other personnel who meet the requirements.

2- We are experiencing a situation where the studies conducted to establish the EYS title within the organization are subject to too much speculation. The determination in this regard must be in accordance with the regulations, fair and merit.

3- The titles of the Treasurer and the titles of the personnel who cannot get the title of Logistics Chief, although they have the necessary courses and merit.

4- Failure to carry out electronic transmissions for a long time has left a difficult situation for employees who want to replace with various compulsory reasons. It is imperative that transports be opened as soon as possible after school holidays.

5- The promises given to the mechanic for a long time since the title of Chief Machinist have unfortunately not been met. Accelerating the studies on this subject.

6- The personnel working as a box office officer are experiencing a surplus in many businesses. In this case, it will be in favor of the institution and staff to carry out the necessary work for conducting the conductor.

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