Responsible for Train Crash YHT Machinists and Scissor

tcdd mudurune gore train crash yht machinists and scissors responsible
tcdd mudurune gore train crash yht machinists and scissors responsible

Investigation on the train crash in the capital 9 killed the person, 4 day before the accident, the change of train traffic on the orders issued by the YHT Regional Director Duran Yaman's statement appeared.

Duran, who argues that he is not in charge of the field and that the traffic and service manager is responsible for the traffic operation, says Alican Uludağ from the Republic, while accusing Osman Yıldırım, the machinist and scissorist who died about the accident, said, he should have known clearly that he was leaving the line and reported this to the center urgently. ”

YHT Regional Manager Yaman, who was questioned as a suspect within the scope of the investigation carried out by the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor, made the following statement:

“As a result of the work I did at the scene of the accident, the switchman did not connect the line to the 1st line when he should have, and despite this, he gave a guarantee as if it was connected to the dispatcher. kazanI detected that it was happening. The driver of the train in question should have clearly known that he was going from the second line when he should have entered the first line, and he should have reported this to the center urgently, but I do not know whether he reported it as I have not yet examined the records clearly. This kazanAs the regional manager, I have no fault or fault in the formation of the company.” (Cumhuriyet)


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