Born in Toros Express

Came to the World on the Taurus Express: In Adana, 19-year-old Gurbet Ayvalıoğlu gave birth on the 'Toros Express' train he boarded to go to Karaman, and gave birth to a baby girl.
Gurbet Ayvalıoğlu, who wanted to go to his wife working in Karaman, got on the TCDD's Taurus Express train with the number 61 thousand 305 from Adana Train Station. A while after the train set off, Ayvalıoğlu's labor pains began. The mechanic called the nurse and doctor with an announcement, but when they could not be found, the train staff and passengers took the young woman into the gap. Meanwhile, the officers called the 112 Emergency Service, gave information about the issue and said that they approached the Pozantı Station.
As the train approached Pozantı, Gurbet Ayvalıoğlu gave birth to a baby girl. The paramedics waiting at Pozantı Station first cut the umbilical cord of the baby named 'Yeşim' and then made the first intervention to Ayvalıoğlu, who was lying in the gap of the wagon.
It was stated that the mother and baby who were taken to Pozantı State Hospital by ambulance were in good health.



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