Düzce Mayor Month: Hast Tram to Go to Hospital Belediye

duzce mayor will go up to the moon tram hospital
duzce mayor will go up to the moon tram hospital

Duzce Mayor Dursun Ay Erguvan Social Facilities at a press conference held with national and local representatives came together. The moon said that the tram, which is nostalgic in Istanbul street, will serve between the municipality and the hospital.

Expressing his participation in the meeting of the Extended Provincial Chairpersons in Ankara, Mayor Ay stated that he met with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and said Cumhurbaşkanı you knew yesterday that there was a presidents meeting in Ankara under the presidency of our President. I was there and took the floor and informed the President on some issues. First of all, I thank him for the opening of our freeway connection. I asked two questions; the arrangement of the parking fees received from construction companies in June, and then extended again in September, then learned that retreated. This issue itself 6 months to be further instructed on the extension of the said.

”No Financial Loss on the Street“

Explaining the opening of İstanbul Street to traffic, President Dursun Ay underlined that there was no harm in the investments made in the street and said un A lot of files came from tradesmen in İstanbul Street. Bank managers in the evening hours in the street does not remain citizens, the street was very demanding that you open to traffic. Our tradesmen were unable to pay their rent. We have consulted on this matter, we have decided to open up with our governorship, institutions and traffic. You know, the pontoons remained as they were. In the summer, when it is crowded, we can still close it here in the evening. There's no financial loss here. Stayed as in the Dubas. During the summer, we will be able to close the vehicle traffic. Vehicle park will also be banned, 5 vehicles will be towed after minute parking. We are in the process of discussing this issue with safety. As you can appreciate, the tradesman said that by the percentage of 55, the tradesmen will cover the street. There was no expected interest in the future. Handicraft brought us the bill. They came to the brink of sinking, banks said that the transfer of money is risky. We shouldn't just think of Istanbul Street. The side streets suffered more damage. They came to the point of shutter completely. Tamamen

President Dursun Ay stated that they would extend the route of the nostalgic tram used in Istanbul Street. N The distance of the tram is short. Tram hangar in front of the military branch closes the road. We're gonna take him out of military service. We'il take the tram to the front of the hospital. In a short time between the municipality and the hospital will transport, Kısa he said.

”Traffic density will disappear in a short time“

Speaking about the traffic intensity at the Fiskobirlik Junction, President Dursun Ay said: There was a tube walkway for the TEM motorway connection. It didn't fit, it's going to be done later. There will be a tube passage in the direction of East West. We'il open the road completely. If there is no transition in the East West direction, we think that if traffic is transferred to Kervan junction, there will be no traffic problem. I think it will be successful if the traffic is cut in the direction of East West. Trafik


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