Transport Officer-You Forwarded Requests to Minister at KPDK Meeting

transport officer forwarded your requests looking at the kpdk meeting
transport officer forwarded your requests looking at the kpdk meeting

The last Public Personnel Advisory Board Meeting of 2018 was held by the Minister of Labor and Social Security Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk.

Memur-Sen Chairman Ali Yalçın, Transport Officer-Sen Chairman Can Cankesen, Vice President Kenen Çalışkan, Ümit Aydın, Union Counselor Raşit Yılmaz, Memur-Sen members and other confederation representatives and bureaucrats participated in Memur-Sen. Mayor Can Cankesen On behalf of the employees of the transportation service branch, the demands of the Transportation Officer-Sen regarding our service arm were conveyed to Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk.

1-    Shift Compensation

The personnel working in shifts are compensated for up to% 5 of the highest civil servant's pension for each day of shift work.

2-    Weekend, Public Holidays, Work Compensation in Religious Holidays

In our service center, employees working on weekends, public holidays, religious and national holidays are paid compensation for the day until the% 10 of the highest civil servant pension.

3-    Transition to Business Day Account in Use of Annual Permits

a) It is ensured that the annual leaves of the personnel are not counted as the days of weekends and general holidays and the leaves are calculated according to the workday calculation.

b) In the use of annual leaves, the number limitation is removed and the leave is used part by piece as requested.

c) Service periods in the private sector are also taken into account in the number of annual leave days deserved.

4-    Extending the Compensation of Land Compensation

All personnel going to land in SEEs;

Land distinction is paid without distinction of title and position.

In addition, an application regulation is enacted in order to eliminate differences in application and problems that may arise between different institutions and different regions of the same institution and to ensure uniformity.

5-    Removal of Basic Fee Groups

In the basic wage groups study;

  1. The remaining staff in the group had a low ceiling, 2. The personnel in the group did not receive a significant increase in the scale adjustment due to cost constraint and 5 limitation. 1. In order not to disrupt the internal wage balance in many titles in the group, there was no increase in scale adjustment.

For all these reasons;

Basic Fees Groups concerning the personnel working in SEEs should be removed and all titles should be grouped under one group;

Personnel fees should be increased fairly by a regulation and scale adjustment that will not require the approval of YPK.

6-    Food Additive and Clothing Help

a) The meal allowance allocated to the employees from the budget (per meal for shift personnel) is determined as 10 TL. The salaries of those who cannot benefit from the said service within the legal limits are calculated monthly and paid in cash.

b) Clothing aid provided to the personnel working in our service line is paid in cash.

7-    Actual Service Hike:

Commissions related to the actual service hike have been established and one of these commissions is the Transport Commission. Results should be accelerated and results should be obtained. Personnel performing 7 / 24 should be given actual service increase due to their duties.

8-    Dissemination of night work compensation

Night work compensation paid to the personnel working in TCDD workplaces is also paid to TCDD Affiliates, DHMİ workplaces, Transportation Regional Directorates and Port Authority employees.

9-    Dissemination of Hazardous Substance Inspection Certificate;

In the Regional Directorates of Transportation;

Hazardous Material Inspection Certificate shall be received and the additional payment increase shall be denetim All staffs are provided to be paid.

10       Accommodation Fee;

The 6245 daily time limitation does not apply to the accommodation fee paid under the subsidy 10. The temporary duty path paid to temporary staff is paid to all civil servants regardless of the type of employment paid under the Law No. 6245. In temporary assignments, the daily wage is paid at the rate of% 50 more than the allowance per day as long as the assignment continues.

11       Lodgings;

All employees are allowed to sit in the lodgings by applying queue allocation to the lodging allocations.

12       Shuttle service

Personnel service is provided to ensure that the personnel working in the TCDD Regional Directorates and UDHB provincial organization work.

13       DHMİ Complementary Health Insurance and Private Pension

The personnel working in DHMI;

Complementary health insurance and individual pension insurance are made without additional payment, provided that the entire cost is met by the Euro Control Organization.

14       Additional Payment Increase for Staff Working in Harbor Master

The additional payments of the personnel working in the port offices are increased by TL 300 to be covered by the revolving fund.

15       45 Age Protection Security Officers Status

Persons who work in the position of protection and security officer in our service line who are over the age of 45 will be assigned to a suitable position which will not cause any decrease in the financial and personal rights rights by staying in the same workplace with their wishes.

16       Weapon Compensation

5 TL / Hour gun compensation is paid to the Protection and Security Officer / Chief and Managers with an armed private security license.

17       Chief Machinist Position

Personnel positions in TCDD and its affiliates working as Engineer and Engineer positions are given as Chief Engineer position. Additional payments are arranged in% 67.

18       Additional cost to be delivered to train chief and conductors

For passengers who travel in high positions without ticket or in high positions, they are paid money to the Conductors and Train Chefs who earn their income by increasing their ticket price or position, and the money is paid in the rate of% 15 for regional trains and suburban trains.

19       Additional Payout for Doctors and Dental Doctors

  1. 'Increasing the additional payments of Physicians and Dentists by 42 points' specified in Article 12 of the Term Collective Agreement kazanTCDD, TCDD subsidiaries and Medical and Dental Doctors working at DHMI could not benefit from the contract. It is ensured that our personnel in question benefit from this additional payment increase.

20       Appointment of ARFF Officers to Technician Position

The RFF officers working at DHMI are assigned to the position of Technician in accordance with their training and work.

21       Additional Fee for RFF Officer, RFF Chief, Apron Officer and Apron Supervisor

The ARFF Officer, RFF Chief, Apron Officer and Apron Chief, who carry out RFF and apron services in DHMI by using the vehicle, shall be paid monthly additional 100 TL.

22       Regulating the Personal Rights of Air Traffic Controllers

Air Traffic Controllers in DHMI are given the Control or Expert (Group A) positions corresponding to their positions.

23       ATSEP License for Electrical / Electronic Personnel Working in DHMI;

Electrical / electronic personnel working at airports are granted the ATSEP License by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation.

(ATSEP License: Air Navigation Safety Electronic Personnel License)

24       UDHB Employee Staff Payments from Revolving Fund;

The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications has a revolving fund and the revenue of this business is the result of the work and operations of the personnel. From this income, employees receive an increase of% 40 of the highest civil servant salary.

25       Overwork in Port and Transportation Regional Directorates;

Ports and Transportation Regional Directorates 24 operates on a clock basis, but staff cannot receive overtime or overtime. Overworked work is paid.

26       Personnel Rights of General Directorate of Civil Aviation;

The General Directorate of Civil Aviation (HRD) provides the employment of the personnel who are subject to the Administrative Service Contract, while protecting the existing, financial and personal rights of the personnel.

27       Aviation Indemnity General Directorate of Civil Aviation

Aviation compensation paid to personnel at the General Directorate of Civil Aviation is equaled to the amount paid to DHMİ personnel.

28       Discounts to employees in our service arm;

The cost of TCDD train tickets is applied at a discount of% 657 for the personnel and their spouses and children who are subject to Decree Law No. 399 and 50.

29       399 Bonus Number of Personnel Subject to IKK Number 1 Bonus;

The personnel working in the number II chart of the Decree Law no. 399 previously received twice a year, while the 02.11.2011 clause of the Annex 28103 clause of the Decree Law no. These bonuses have been abolished as required by (ü). This bonus begins to be given again.

30       Wage Payment for Duties Regulated;

The fee charged by the contracted personnel in the chart no. 399 numbered II shall be paid. This fee to be paid under the name of proxy compensation cannot be less than the% 20 of the highest civil servant pension.

31       Elimination of Registry Success Evaluation

Registry success evaluation application removed; The fee resulting from the success score is added to the basic fee of each staff.

32       Free Nursery Service

Free nursery service is provided to the staff working in our service. In the workplaces that cannot be provided, this fee is paid in cash to the personnel.

33       Internal Auditors working in SEEs;

The financial, personal and social rights of internal auditors working in SEEs are equaled to the financial, personal and social rights of the internal auditors.

34       Wage Balance;

Officer-Chief, Chief-Branch Manager, Branch Manager-Deputy Head of Department, Head of Department-Head of Department has a large difference in salary. These salaries are balanced to ensure peace of mind.

35       Additional Payments and Family Assistance;

Additional payments and family allowance are reflected in the pension.

36       Tax Slices;

The income tax paid by the Contracted Personnel employed in SEEs is equal to the income tax deducted from the Civil Servants.

The income tax rate on income tax losses / losses is 15 for the year. In cases where the income tax should be deducted from the rate of% 15, the part exceeding% 15 will be compensated by the related public institution / institution. Decree no. 399 does not exceed the salary of the salary of the civil servant on the monthly and annual basis.

37       Removal of Prohibitions for Public Employees;

Public and political and trade bans are lifted;

38       Clothing and beard freedom is provided to public personnel.

The 1982 dress code must be revoked, and this should be terminated as public sector employees give testimony on the basis of the regulation due to tie and beard.

39       Solidarity Fees;

Collective agreement of personnel who are not members of the authorized union in the workplace kazanLegal arrangements should be made to make it compulsory to pay "Solidarity Fees" to the authorized union in order to benefit from the benefits.

40       3600 Additional Display;

Public employees who are university graduates are given 3600 additional indicators.

41       Feast Bonus;

A salary bonus is given to public employees during Ramadan and Eid al-Adha.

   In the 42-Pension Account;

The period of lack of a full year in the calculation of retirement bonus is taken into account as the severance pay of the workers.


From the personnel subject to Schedule I and II, annexed to Decree No. 399, to those who are assigned to duties in higher titles and positions, and those who are appointed temporarily or as a target;

The payment of the financial and social rights of the staff and the position they are assigned to, whether they represent a reduction in their wages or not, or the temporary or responsible they are responsible for.

   44) Promotion;

Opening of the examinations and staff assignments that will allow the demands of the personnel who are in the expectation of the exams and change of title.


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