Car crashed into silkworm trolley

He drove his automobile to the Silkworm tram: a driver in Bursa hit the car with his car, the 'Silkworm'.

The incident occurred during the night Osmangazi district Altiparmak Street occurred. The 47-year-old AB wanted to enter the alley with the 06 GLF 89 license plate while driving on the street with a red light. Sculpture Garage in the same direction as the Silkworm on the line T1 EU, saw the car broke in front of the tram. The car, which was dragged by the tram for a while, was able to stand between the lamppost and the tram. In the accident, the car driver, while the EU was injured in a lightweight, 112 Emergency Service teams from the scene brought to the Bursa State Hospital.

Günceleme: 07/12/2018 18:14

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