President Uysal: Çözüm We will find a solution that will not cause the fault of the cargos in the islands Başkan

İBB President Mevlüt Uysal said that they will find solutions by meeting with the coachmen and the public in Adalar. Uysal said, “People of the Islands, be comfortable about this: We will solve the transportation. May our carriage shopkeepers be comfortable. Certainly they will not be victims of themselves. ”

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlüt Uysal announced that they will solve the transportation problem in the Islands by meeting with the coachmen and the people of the island by preventing the horses from falling into undesirable situations.

Meeting with citizens and artisans in Arnavutköy, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlüt Uysal answered the questions of the press members about the situation of horses in Adalar and the applications to be made for the solution of the transportation problem.

Mayor Mevlüt Uysal stated that the necessary steps will be taken to ensure that the horses used in the phaeton shooting business in Adalar do not fall into disturbing situations, “When it comes to the situation of the horses that fall and die on the road, it is evident how bad the horses are. These have always been on the agenda. What our President said in the Istanbul rally about the complete elimination of the treatment of horses, especially in the Islands, is the instruction for us. ”

Stating that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has been working seriously to solve this problem, Mevlüt Uysal said: “Our municipality worked on electric vehicle models. In fact, Kınalıada has reached the stage of starting its flights. The instruction given by our President from now on, on behalf of solving that problem, the transportation problem on the island with the people of the island will be discussed, and they will evaluate all of them together and decide how the most suitable model will be provided there ”.

Uysal underlined that the tradesmen living on the Adalar in Adalar will not be victimized and said, “You have to sit and talk with them. The problem needs to be solved without them being the victims and the images of the horses. The people of the Islands are comfortable in this matter, we will solve the transportation with electric vehicles. May our carriage shopkeepers be comfortable. Certainly they will not be victims of themselves. We will meet with our carriage shopkeepers and the relevant people there, and we will solve the work before those images occur on the Islands ”.


Electric vehicles used for the photos published in the test voicing President Uysal, said: Özel Special designs are made for such special places in the world. We can design a special electric vehicle for our Islands. When we meet with people who are interested in these things, and who are in manufacturing, we really need to make the tools they can say. Photos shared tools have been taken for testing before, because they are testing tools, they should not be evaluated directly on them. Maybe we work on different models and then we vote together with our people. We run new models for him.

Stating that everyone coming to Istanbul wants to go to Adalar and that the Islands are the showcase of Istanbul, Uysal said, “If the Islands are the showcase of Istanbul, this problem is solved with a beautiful model that really suits there. We will do all this together. We will do it in a short time. The problem will be solved in a short time. We will meet with the coachmen to prevent victimization. As İBB, we can solve this problem by meeting the economic rights of the coachmen. Second, if we, as IMM, will provide transportation there, we can do this by providing a common solution with them. Therefore, we talk about this issue with them, discuss and conclude. “We will finally get a solution without making them victim”.

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