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01 Adana

Asphalt Ride in Adana

Adana Mayor Huseyin Oral, the main streets and boulevards made asphalt workers with sahur. Turkey, which is one of the hottest in the province of Adana Metropolitan transportation moves uninterrupted resume Islands [more…]


Kardemir ISI Fastest Rise in 500 Ranking

Prepared by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry "Turkey's 500 2017 Industrial Enterprises Survey" according to Kardemir, recording a rapid rise in sales volumes compared to the previous year, with Turkey's 3.942.769.194 24-TL. largest industry [more…]


MOTAŞ Staff met in Iftar Dinner

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation and Public Transportation Services MOTAŞ AŞ's iftar dinner, the staff met with the pride of being a member of a large family, traditional iftar dinner organized for two days [more…]

35 Izmir

Baş Park Continue 'Started in Mithatpaşa

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has started the second leg of the et Park, continue ”application in Alsancak region on the Mithatpaşa-Göztepe route. They left their cars that they couldn't find parking on the street to Inciralti Cinar Parking Lot with 353 vehicle capacity. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Topbaş's One Project is Rafa

Another project of Kadir Topbaş, former mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, who resigned from his position controversially, was shelved. When the project to convert the train line between Sirkeci and Kazlıçeşme into a tram was abandoned due to the Marmaray project. [more…]