Free public transportation in Diyarbakir

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality will provide free public transportation services during 4 day starting from the eve of the festival due to Ramadan Feast. On the first day of the festival and the eve of the festival, the citizens of the city center [more…]


Minister Arslan Examines Projects in Kars from Air

Transportation Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, Kars Logistics Center and the construction of the Karakurt-Erzurum Highway `nu examined from the air. Minister Arslan, for the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway, one of the most important lines connecting Asia and Europe [more…]

07 Antalya

Official Plateway Buses and Tram in Antalya

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality's official license plate buses, Antray and nostalgic tram will carry citizens free of charge during the festival. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, public citizens to carry out the tradition of free public transport to ensure that citizens will carry free of charge. [more…]

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98 Iran

Van Iran Train Flights 18 Starts in June

Maritime Transport and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, after the railway passenger transportation between Turkey and Iran has announced that Eid al-Fitr begin on June 18. Minister Arslan, the gospel will begin after Eid of the passenger transportation between Turkey and Iran [more…]

16 Bursa

Smart Junction Relieves Inegöl Traffic

The first of the Smart Intersection applications, designed by Inegöl Municipality in cooperation with the Metropolitan Municipality and targeted to provide at least 20 solution to the traffic problem in the main arteries of the city, was implemented at the shopping center junction. 'Intelligent signaling [more…]

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01 Adana

Adana Transportation Transport Continues Full Gas

The red light on Alparslan Türkeş Boulevard has become a thing of the past, the congestion has ended at the Museum Junction, the first stage has been completed on Ege Bağatur Boulevard, the smart junction with 8 arm has been opened in Kozan, the 5 kilometer has been opened in the last 137 month [more…]

06 Ankara

EGO buses will be free at Bayram

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has taken the necessary measures together with all units and organizations, especially EGO and ASKİ, for the citizens of Ankara to spend the Ramadan Feast in peace and security. EGO buses every holiday [more…]