A Visit to EOSB from AU Rector Naci Gündoğan

Rector of Anadolu University Dr. Naci Gundogan, Eskisehir Organized Industrial Zone (EOSB) Chairman of the Board visited Nadir Küpeli'yi. Congratulating President Küpeli on his success in the elections. Dr. Naci Gündoğan is an important member of OSB for Eskişehir [more…]


Children in Denizli Will Learn Traffic Rules with Fun

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality will start "Traffic Education with Appointment" during the summer vacation, and will teach children the traffic rules with fun, with theoretical and practical training. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which works with the aim of creating traffic awareness at an early age, follows the traffic rules of children. [more…]


Holiday Gift to Turgutlu

Turgutlu Interchange and Road Implementation Project, which was implemented by the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality on the Izmir-Ankara highway, went into traffic in a short while. Turgutlu Mayor Turgay Şirin, Turgutlu District Governor Uğur Turan [more…]

35 Izmir

Alacati Airport Application Agreement Signed

The construction contract for İzmir Ekrem Pakdemirli Alaçatı Airport, which will be constructed with Build Operate Transfer Model, was signed. At the signing ceremony held at the General Directorate of DHMİ, Chairman and General Manager Funda Ocak, Contractor APC Çeşme Alaçatı Airport [more…]

16 Bursa

Ambitious in Bursa Domestic Automobile

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) Chairman of the Board Ibrahim Burkay, in relation to the domestic automobile work, We made all kinds of domestic car production in Bursa. After that, to be effective on decision makers [more…]

35 Izmir

Citizen Wants Night Expedition in IZBAN

Citizens living in the northern districts of Izmir, İZBAN night voyages in the absence of night flights said that the victimization. Especially those who had to catch the plane in the mornings and the night 24: 00: XNUMX after landing landing in the northern districts of the problem of the authorities [more…]

34 Istanbul

Workers Unpaid Workers in New Airport Construction

Workers within CAI Group, one of the subcontractors of Kalyon company, one of the five partners of IGA, which was established to build the third airport in Istanbul and operate it for 25 years, have stopped working today because they have not been able to receive their salaries for two months. Salary for about two months [more…]

34 Istanbul

Security Team of Istanbul New Airport Started Training

Security guards who will work at Istanbul New Airport (INA), which will provide job opportunities for 225 people, have started training. The security personnel selected by İGA, who undertook the construction and operation of the new airport for 25 years, were appointed by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (SHGM). [more…]

06 Ankara

100-Meter Solution to İstasyon Avenue in Etimesgut

68 families living in the buildings that will be demolished within the scope of the expansion of İstasyon Caddesi will be moved to their new residences to be built 100 meters away from their homes by the Metropolitan Municipality, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, within the scope of the expansion of İstasyon Street in Etimesgut, [more…]


Governor Çakacak, TÜLOMSAŞ visited the exhibition area

Eskişehir Governor Özdemir Çakacak, TÜLOMSAŞ visited the area of ​​his works in the collection of the works, received information from TÜLOMSAŞ General Manager Hayri Avcı. The future generations of railways in Eskişehir, which is known as the railway city with the introduction of TÜLOMSAŞ and the materials that tell the history and the present [more…]

34 Istanbul

Here's Giant Project in Turkey

The 100th anniversary of the Republic in a little time, several huge projects coming to life in Turkey. While some of these are completed and put into operation, some of them are being worked on. giant projects having a life in Turkey transportation field in recent years. [more…]


Rail Systems Cluster Board Meeting Held

Rail Systems Cluster VISION 2023 Rail System Expectations Meeting and Traditional Iftar Program was held at Tülomsaş General Directorate. Program; Governor Özdemir Çakacak, Eskişehir Deputies Dr. Nabi Avcı, Prof.Dr. Dr. Emine Nur Günay, Utku Çakırözer, Anatolia [more…]

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Kartepe Ropeway Project to be in 2019

In the June parliamentary session of Kartepe Municipality, Kartepe Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez said, “The Cable Car Project will be completed in the first months of 2019. Work began on the Köseköy Battı-Output Project. The project will be completed on time, ”he said. Kartepe Municipality at the ordinary assembly meeting of Kartepe Municipality in June [more…]


RayHaber 06.06.2018 Tender Bulletin

Procurement of On-Site Insulated Rail Construction Service with Aluminotermite Rail Welding Steel Wire Rope to be Used in ITALGRU Brand MHC Cranes Natural Gas Conversion Work of Van Station Field Outbuildings Pedestrian Underpass will be made at Çiftehan Station


Uninterrupted Highway Destination from Edirne to Gaziantep

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan said, "Our aim is to finish between Niğde and Ankara in a short time like 2 years and to make the highway from Edirne to Gaziantepe uninterrupted." said. Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan said, “Our aim is Niğde [more…]