There is no Metro in Kocaeli, there is a stop!

This movement of the Metropolitan Municipality, which has been the subject of deer for a long time, has placed the locomotive of the tram without rails, the tram model as the people say, in the middle of Izmit, without making the project, starting the construction, and showing itself in the metro. The stop sign of the subway, whose construction has not started, was erected in Kocaeli [more…]

Who is a machinist, how to be a machinist
Intercity Railways

TCDD Machinist Salaries How Much?

Transportation to our country, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry of the investments made by Turkey's networks all over the iron continues to be built. While different trips are made every day, such as freight trains, slow and high-speed trains, train services are [more…]

34 Istanbul

Erdogan 3. Announces the Name of the Airport

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan participated in the Star TV-NTV joint broadcast and answered the questions. Erdogan also spoke about the highly anticipated name of Istanbul New Airport, which is under construction. Erdogan, "Do you have a name in mind for the third airport?" shaped [more…]


9 Public Transport Line Launched in Muğla

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality has started to provide services for 9 more in Muğla province for all citizens to benefit from public transportation services. 4736 Private Public Transport Vehicles (ÖTTA) under the control of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality vehicles and Muğla Metropolitan Municipality [more…]


250 Bus Line Brings Izyis to the World

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark Inc. Buses on line 250, which provides passenger transportation to Sabiha Gökçen Airport, offer a comfortable journey. Sabiha Gokcen Air Port will travel both domestic and abroad [more…]


Public Buses Ready for Summer in Muğla

Mugla Metropolitan Municipality by the municipality and controlled public transport of private public transport with the increase in circulation with the preparations for the summer season was made. The Metropolitan Municipality continues its work for safe, comfortable and accessible transportation. 13 municipality and [more…]