Construction of Gölcük Yüzbaşılar Bridge Interchange

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality makes uninterrupted points at the intersections with intersections in order to relieve urban traffic. Intersections with density due to traffic lights are arranged to be streamlined. Traffic lights at the intersections of the traffic relief is comforting. Crossroads and tunnel crossings made on the main routes reduce the city's traffic load.

The Department of Transportation is also doing a bridge crossing at Gölcük Yüzbaşılar location. Yuzbasi Kavsagi, Degirmendere and Golcuk will be the third bridge crossroads in Gölcük after the 2 junction. In the ongoing project, concrete vent is applied for the channel passing under the intersection. When the crossroads are completed, traffic flows in the regions will be in transit and there will not be any vehicle clutter in this region. The intersection will make traffic flowing and save time and fuel at the same time.

When the intersection project in D-130 is completed, the area where traffic density is generated by the vehicles which are mainly engaged in intercity transportation will take a sigh of relief. The capitals Junction, which is located after the Gölcük-2 junction and controlled by the traffic lights, will take a sigh of relief with the bridge. The project will also eliminate the traffic lights in the captains. Yalova and Izmit direction turns will be made at the roundabout under the bridge.

Within the scope of the project, a simple beam bridge with 190 meter length and 8 span will be constructed. By providing transparency in the intersection area, the perimeter settlements will be kept at a minimum length and the bridge length will be kept long enough to ensure a safe, secure space for return and return under the bridge.

Günceleme: 26/02/2019 18:13

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