Leakage from FSM Bridge punishment 500 lira

The penalty for illegal crossing from the FSM Bridge is 500 liras: After the opening of the Yavuz Sultan Selim (YSS) Bridge, the penalties were increased when heavy tonnage trucks, buses and trucks continued to pass illegally from the Fatih Sultan Mehmet (FSM) Bridge, risking a 92 lira fine. The penalty for illegal passage from the FSM was increased to 500 lira. Despite the punishment, it was seen that some intercity buses continued to cross the bridge.
After the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which connects the two sides of Istanbul for the third time, was opened, heavy tonnage trucks, buses and trucks were prohibited from passing through the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. Despite the ban, trucks, trucks and bus drivers were crossing the FSM Bridge, risking a traffic penalty of 164 lira, due to the fact that the passage of the YSS Bridge reached 92 lira and the road lengthened. Upon this, while signs were placed on the highway by the authorities, the penalty for illegal crossing over the bridge was increased to 500 lira. After the penalty was increased approximately 10 times, it was seen that the truck traffic on the highway decreased and some intercity buses made illegal crossings.
"They increased the penalty to 500 liras"
Truck drivers rebelled against the situation. Earthmoving truck driver Mehmet Ali Balcı said, “This does not happen, this is not suitable for truckers. Why are they doing this? Even if they let us go, let's go free. It is very far from here and the round trip fee is 150 lira. It is cheaper than the 2nd bridge, the penalty comes when you pass illegally. They increased the fine to 500 liras. "I did not pass, but there are people passing by" he said.
"500 lira would be a deterrent"
Talip Çetin said, “There is a lot of trouble on the 3rd bridge. For example, there are breakdowns in the toll booths. There are many punishments even there. In fact, we are not passing there right now, we are using this road. A lot of money now, the 3rd bridge is very expensive. 500 lira penalty would be a deterrent ”he said. Stating that the punishment was good, Ali Erturan said, “Let them not go, it was good as a punishment, but it is not good to ban those places. The 3rd bridge is very expensive and the fees are not standard ”he said.

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