“All-Time Record” Comes From Izmir Metropolitan

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has increased the production capacity of asphalt and parquet with the new construction sites, will be able to achieve a difficult record by making the asphalt of 2018 thousand kilometers and 2 kilometers in the 910. Metropolitan, this year the amount of asphalt will be increased by approximately 25.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which produces asphalt and parquet at 3 construction sites in Belkahve, Bayındır and Bergama, is preparing for a new record in 2018. Increasing its asphalt capacity from 160 tons to 740 tons per hour, Büyükşehir increased the tempo in every point of the city, especially the villages and plain roads in the districts that were later connected to the area of ​​responsibility. The local government of İzmir aimed to set a new record by realizing the asphalt of a thousand 2018 kilometers of road (2 million 10 thousand tons) with a plain road of 910 thousand kilometers (2 million square meters) in 200. In 2017, Büyükşehir, which has poured 1533 million 1 thousand tons of “record” asphalt equivalent to the road with a length of 789 kilometers, will increase the amount of asphalt it will pour this year by approximately 25 percent to 2 million 200 thousand tons (1910 kilometers). İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which asphalted an area of ​​2017 million 4 thousand square meters (250 kilometers long) in 850, will asphalt 2018 million square meters (10 thousand kilometers long) plain road in 2. These figures will be the all-time record in Izmir.

Asphalt road up to Izmir-Morocco distance
Metropolitan Municipality teams, the regulation of plain road was launched in 2004 project, 14 years 27 million 600 thousand square meters of space that 5 meters wide 5 thousand 520 kilometers long path paved by the Izmir - from Morocco (5 thousand kilometers) behind the distance. Metropolitan Municipality, 620 million pounds of resources in this work with the farmers in the summer, dust, mud, saved from dust. The quality of the manufacturers 'products increased, while the buyers' access to the fields and gardens became easier; costs decreased. Thus, Izmir has taken important steps in line with its goal of adımlar local development Böylece. In 2018, the Metropolitan continues to cover the surface of the plain and is preparing to sign a historical record.

Muhtar's demands were taken into account
Asphalt works were shaped in line with the needs conveyed to President Aziz Kocaoğlu, who had meetings with all the muhtars in the city, especially the 11 metropolitan districts. After the intensive infrastructure works that started in order to meet water, sewerage, electricity, natural gas and telecommunication services in many regions of İzmir, the “asphalt operation” was started in the neighborhoods in the center, especially in the disturbed roads.

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