Golden Touch to Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard in Izmir

A Golden Touch on Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard in Izmir: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is getting ready for the "golden touch" for Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard, which is the lifeblood of transportation between Üçkuyular and Konak Square. Karşıyaka The railway has completed half of the rail laying works in the tram, and the Konak line started the rail laying works in front of the Air Training Command last week. The Konak tram, which is designed as the fourth lane of the road on the land and sea side of the boulevard, will proceed on the grass ground.

Fahrettin Altay Square-Konak-Halkapınar will be 12.7 kilometers long, 19 stop and 21 vehicle will serve the main tramway 3'er minutes at peak times, 4-5 will work at other intervals.

In coordination with the tram construction works, the middle median will be shifted, and the irregular plants that cannot grow in the salty ground and narrow area in their current form will be rehabilitated by arranging them in accordance with the new road profile. In this region, a “green road” will be created, just like the practice in Bornova district Ankara Asphalt. Within the scope of the "İzmir Sea-Coastal Design" project, a brand new look has been created by arranging the shores between Karataş and Üçkuyular-Göztepe Pier, which was previously on Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard. kazanThe Metropolitan Municipality, which has put into service five striking and nostalgic wooden piers, brought the 1.5 thousand square meter area to a brand new look, together with the 30 kilometer coastline. The municipality, which has equipped the coastline with navigation amphitheaters, bicycle and disabled paths, coastal furniture and fishing units specially designed for the region, making the region greener and brighter, has now started to work on arrangement between Karataş Mithatpaşa and Göztepe pedestrian overpass. He continues the construction work on the highway underpass he designed in front of Mithatpaşa Park in order to relieve the traffic of the boulevard and bring a new breath to the region. The area of ​​42 thousand square meters, which will be revealed in the upper part by taking the traffic in the region underground, will be rearranged and greened within the scope of the coastal design project. With the road being taken underground, the square will also be away from the heavy traffic noise. In addition, thanks to the new arrangement, the historical texture on the land side of Mithatpaşa Park will become more visible and perceptible.

To ensure uninterrupted access of both Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard and İnciralti and Cesme motorways, Metropolitan Municipality has made the tender for the construction of the highway underpass at the marina junction. After the project is completed in a short period of time, the tender will start on the construction of the 300 meter highway underpass starting from the front of the Air Training Command and providing transit to Çeşme motorway. Metropolitan Municipality, on the boulevard axis to overcome the problem of parking in the Göztepe area 2 thousand car capacity underground parking is continuing the project work.

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