Historic Ankara Railway Station Becomes a College

Speaking at the Yozgat Airport Groundbreaking Ceremony, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Ahmet Arslan, stated that they built a high-speed train station in Ankara, a very rare, comfortable service train station, and when it did, an apocalypse broke, “Sir, these are the historical Ankara They will give the station to someone, they will make someone go after it, Ankara Station is going away from us. ” she said they said.

Arslan said, “Those who say it, Ankara Train Station may be important for you, but it is more important for the form without doubt. Of course, we protect our past. Of course, we are proud of our past. We do not have to criticize our past like you and claim only a train station. We both protect our past and also build our future. We also protect our historical station. Our historical station will continue to serve our conventional trains as well as our freight trains. Right next to the historical station, there is a historical museum, there is the historical Atatürk House. We look at them as if they are looking in our eyes, and we will continue to look at them. However, we would like to bring a place where there is a tacky area with lodgings outside Ankara Train Station to this country, and also to Ankara as a university. Those who are uncomfortable with this, produce as if Ankara Train Station would be demolished, Atatürk House and historical museum would be demolished. Sorry, they cannot fool the people of the country. ”



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