80 Million Euro Credit for Pristina-Silk Road Construction

The European Investment Bank will provide 80 million Euros for the construction of the Pristina - Silk Road.

The Government of Kosovo signed an agreement with 80 million Euros to finance construction works in Luxembourg and Pristina - Kekhev - Zakhch section of the Silk Road.

Kosovo Finance Minister Bedri Hamza, who signed the agreement, said that the construction of the Kiyev - zahch section of the Pristina - İpek road was among the celebrations of the government and said that this road would provide great benefits and benefits to the citizens.

The agreement signed for the construction of a double road between Pristina and Ipek is the second agreement signed so far. Earlier, a loan agreement was signed with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Source : I www.kosovaport.co

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