Bus Stops in Gaziantep

📩 24/12/2018 22:37

The efforts of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality for renewable energy started to give fruit. The first attempt was made for the em Solar Powered Bus Stop Bu prepared in this context. Passengers waiting at the station with the project, phone, tablet, equipment such as disabled vehicles will be able to charge.

In the framework of the, Solar Powered Bus Stop şt Project implemented by the Metropolitan Municipality, Solar Durak was developed and the Metropolitan Municipality was replaced by a bus stop. The Solar Bus Station, which will be located at various points of the city, will create ecological awareness in the city.

The project, which is implemented for sustainable urbanization, will shed light on different and different renewable energy investments. Solar Stations, which show that the roof of the bus stops can be used as an area to generate energy and thus contribute to reducing carbon emissions, were produced from environmentally friendly materials.

Storing the energy it produces, it will meet all the energy needed for the night lighting, and will be supported with an energy-saving lighting system. The project revealed that the next generation of bus stops will be developed with an understanding based on sustainable urbanism and ecological foundations.

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