Important UBER Statement by President Uysal

📩 24/12/2018 22:39

Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Mevlüt Uysal stated at the Transportation Coordination Center (UKM) meeting that a decision that would impose sanctions against those who use it outside the purpose of the 'Tourism Operation Document' provided by IMM would say, “We are ready to support whatever our taxi drivers need to provide a comfortable service”. said.

President Uysal answered the journalists' questions about UBER after the public opening and groundbreaking ceremony he attended in Bağcılar.

Recalling that the government has made a decision on UBER recently, President Uysal said, “That decision is: Don't get into the UBER business with any other documents. In other words, UBER management should not be performed with A-1, D-2 certificate. It is the cancellation of those documents for two years ”.

Stating that a meeting will be held at the Transportation Coordination Center today in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor Uysal said, “In that meeting, a decision can be taken not to do any work with the 'Tourism Operation Certificate' we have given as the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. If it is determined that another work has been done with this document, I think we will have a decision to cancel the document for two years. If this happens, we will meet you again. Those who use the Tourism Management Certificate issued by the municipality will be canceled and therefore will not be able to do business in this area. If someone who receives our tourism document and operates UBER is detected, the tourism documents will be canceled. ”

“Anybody doing UBER business with the Tourism Management Certificate you provided?” President Uysal answered the following question:
“UBERists know better who does how. We do not know. Because the UBERers have a statement, and they don't have anything like 'we do it this way'. So our opinion here is: If UBER is currently being made with the Tourism Enterprise Certificate, D-2 certificate from the Ministry of Transportation and A1 documents, this would ban UBER. However, if any citizen or taxi driver himself does this job - which some license plate owners are said to have done too - we do not know about it. But our suggestion to the taxi drivers is to renew themselves on a system that will not be able to find a citizen UBER. As İBB, we are ready to stand by our taxi drivers if they provide a better service to the citizen and improve themselves with the İTAKSİ style application we have developed. ”

Underlining the fact that taxi drivers are ready to support what they need to offer a comfortable service, President Uysal concluded his words as follows:
“As of today, what we can do is to prevent UBER operations with the documents we provide. Apart from that, we can not do anything. Can a yellow taxi or service be done with a tourism certificate? With a tourism document, the man cannot be a taxi driver. The person or company who receives a tourism certificate can only take the tourists who come to Istanbul with this document from one place to another or take them around in Istanbul. We do not want the document we provide to be used beyond its intended purpose. We try to prevent the use of the document we provide for any other purpose. This will control traffic exactly. If our taxi drivers renew themselves, we will be with them. ”

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