This Year's Theme of the Week of Combating Ecological Destruction is "Kanal Istanbul"

📩 24/12/2018 22:38

Kanal Istanbul will be handled in all aspects this year in the Week of Combating Ecological Destruction organized by the Istanbul branch of the Chamber of Environmental Engineers between 31 May and 5 June.

In this week, Kanal Istanbul will be handled in all aspects at the Week of Combating Ecological Destruction organized by TMMOB Chamber of Environmental Engineers Istanbul branch between May 31 and June 5.

The statement made from the room said:

“The death anniversary of Metin Lokumcu, which we lost in the fight against the HEPP on May 31, 2011, is also a week of struggle, named after the day when the Gezi Resistance started. By taking this decision in our 2014 Branch General Assembly, we moved it to our General Assembly of the Chamber and made our room take such a decision. On the other hand, June 5th, World Environment Day has never been a day to be celebrated for us.

Since the 2014, we will be in our rooms, squares and streets in order to inform the public about the ecological problems and to raise our struggle.

In Artvin Cerattepe, at 1700 altitude, those who resist the mine, Rabia mothers fighting against the Green Road highlands, those who defend the northern forests, those who protect their living spaces against rantary transformation; Week of Combating Ecological Demolition begins for those who say 'life is essential' to thermal, hydroelectric and nuclear power plants. ”

Here are the activities during the week:


31 May 2018 Thursday




We are meeting for Gezi Park with the call of Taksim Solidarity


1 June 2018 Friday


Location: Chamber of Environmental Engineers Istanbul Branch


Hour: 19: 00-21: 00


Interview: Ecological Disputes and Capitalism  


Professor Dr. View Aykut's Full Profile


 (Academician, author)


2 June 2018 Saturday


Location: Freedom Park Göztepe / Kadıköy


Hour: 12


Canal Istanbul with All Aspects


Kanal Istanbul Working Commission


(Kadıköy Will be included in the Environment Festival Program)


3 June 2018 Sunday  


Information on service routes will be given.


Hour: 09.00-17.00


Canal Istanbul Technical Tour





Monday, June 4, 2018


Location: Chamber of Architects Istanbul Büyükkent Branch Building


Time: 19.30


You must register for this event beforehand.

For the registration: is

Tel: 0212 245 89 15  


Film Screening & Conversation with Cast



Home Rent House

Director Contact Mustafa directly

Oyuncular: Ahmet bilgin, Contact Arda directly, Aydan burhan more

Kind Comedy




5 June 2018 Tuesday


Place: Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Istanbul Branch

Hour: 19: 00 - 21.00


Panel - Forum

Female Urban Ecology

“Women in Struggle”

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