Arsuz Municipality Leases 106 Decares of Land of TCDD

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Arsuz Mayor Nazım Culha, who raises the bar in service quality day by day, signed a historical contract with the 6th Regional Director of Turkish State Railways (TCDD), Oğuz Saygılı. President Nazım Culha, who is preparing to rent 106 acres of Arsuz DDY Camp, which stands like a set between Arsuz Beach Walkway and Arsuz City Square, and open it to public use, took the rightful pride of realizing another service that will make a name for itself with praise after a long process.

Arsuz Municipality, the coastal walkway, Arsuz Town Square and TCDD Arsuz Education and Recreation Facilities will carry the region to a whole new dimension, as well as a picnic area, pedestrian path, recreation area and social event organizing area and so on. Real Estate Manager Selahattin Kırgil, Support Services Manager Mehmet Durna, deputy mayors Özgür Murt and Sedat Deveci and Science Affairs Manager Aşkın Yetimoğlu were also witnessing the signing ceremony of the 106 turning from TCDD for use for purposes. .

Town Square will embrace the sea

In his speech before the signing ceremony, Arsuz Mayor Nazım Culha, who drew attention to the importance of TCDD, which is located in the most beautiful place of Arsuz and hosts hundreds of people every year, for the promotion of the district, said, “Today, our State Railways 6th Regional Manager and his team are going to sign a historical contract. We are with you. TCDD Camp is an institution of great importance for Arsuz. The deed of the place, which was given importance and known by all Arsuz, was taken by TCDD in 1955 and it was used as a camping area by means of tents until 1965. In 1965, the buildings were built and designed as both training and resting areas for the staff. When I go out of the city or even abroad, 'Do you know Arsuz?' I get the answer 'Yes' from many people when I ask. When I asked, 'How do you know him?', he replied, 'I work at DDY. Our camp, where we received answers such as 'I went to the camp' or 'We went to the TCDD camp through a relative', left a very serious mark on the promotion and recognition of the city. Already, the TCDD administration has recently offered the area, which has been called a picnic area, open to the public. We have made an attempt to take this a little further and to offer more areas to the service of our people. This required a very serious process. In this process, TCDD officials contributed and helped us from the highest level to the lowest level.

We rent 106 thousand square meters, that is, 106 acres, of the TCDD Camp in our district and offer it to our people. 8 thousand square meters; The wooded area next to the area that is used as a picnic area and which we call the city square... The remaining 98 acres is an area on the beach.. Our aim; Our aim is to enable our people to enter the sea in a more qualified and better quality way, to combine the city square with the coastal walking path and to offer the beautiful beach to the service of our people with a very modern planning.”

TCDD 6. Regional Director Oğuz Saygılı stated that they are planning to make arrangements for the improvement of TCDD Arsuz Camp with an investment of 3-4 million after the camp period and said, ız We are here to sign a rent agreement with you for the use of 106 acres. We think it will be very good and we have taken a good step. May both the Arsuz people, our country and our nation be auspicious. I hope our cooperation will be shaped better in the coming years. A very good cooperation, "God does not embarrass," he said.

After the speeches and the review of the specifications, Arsuz Mayor Nazım Culha and TCDD 6. Regional Director Oğuz Saygılı, after signing the protocol that will open the 106 turning of TCDD to the public, conducted investigations at Arsuz Camp with the authorities and walked the coastal walkway.

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  1. the real estate belonging to the railroad should not be disposed of. In the past, thousands of buildings, land, housing, workplace, etc .. symbolic cost of the land has been sold .. Lease of inert places, is also useful in terms of service to the community