46 Kahramanmaras

Runways at Yedikuyular Ski Center

Tracks are being built at the Yedikuyular Ski Center: Yedikuyular Summer-Winter Recreation Area, one of the important projects of the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatih Mehmet Erkoç, which is carried out by the Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Department of Survey and Projects Department. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Kanal Istanbul Project Dream Real!

Kanal Istanbul Project Dreams Come True! AKP has made our beautiful cities uninhabitable for rent. Think now from the side of the cities… ”CHP Istanbul Deputy Barış Yarkadaş said that the AKP's unplanned and rent-based urbanism understanding has gone bankrupt. Yarkadaş, AKP [more…]

34 Istanbul

Gaziosmanpaşa Istanbulkart Application Center Opened

Gaziosmanpaşa Istanbulkart Application Center Opened: A new one has been added to the Istanbulkart Application Centers (İBM), which serve at 21 different points in Istanbul. The new İBM started to serve in the İSKİ building located in Gaziosmanpaşa square. Also located in Sultanbeyli, İBM [more…]

10 Balikesir

Günaydın Group 3. opens rail logistics center

Günaydın Group opened its 3rd railway logistics center: Gökköy Logistics Village, which has just started container services, and now Günaydın Group opened its 3rd railway logistics center Balıkesir Chamber of Industry's work on Gökköy Logistics Center in the Organized Industrial Zone [more…]


Deaflympics Samsun 2017ye Fabulous Opening

The Magnificent Opening of Deaflympics Samsun 2017: The 23rd Summer Deaflympics, the organization with the highest participation in Turkish sports history and Deaflympics history, officially started with the magnificent opening ceremony at the new Samsun 19 Mayıs Stadium. 97 from six continents [more…]


Rize Organized Industrial Zone

Rize Organized Industrial Zone: Rize Chamber of Commerce and Industry Assembly Members made a visit to Rize Organized Industrial Zone. Rize Organized Industrial Zone Manager Hasan Günal, Rize Ticaret ve [more…]


The tramway goes to tender

Tram in the tender goes to Düzce: Istanbul street car traffic closure project after the project began to work on the rail system. Duzce Municipality started work on the Istanbul street tram project. Düzce Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs [more…]


Konyada modern bus stops in the districts

Modern bus stops are being built to districts in Konya: Konya Metropolitan Municipality, which provides services to 31 districts with the new Metropolitan Law, modernizes the bus stops in district centers and affiliated neighborhoods, and new bus stops to the points in need. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Countdown to Accident in Kütahya

The Number of Deaths Reached to 2 in the Crash When the Railbus Crashed to the Car in Kütahya: The number of people who died as a result of the railbus hitting the car in the uncontrolled level crossing near Uluköy in Kütahya rose to 2. Hümmet Driver at the uncontrolled level crossing near Uluköy of the railbus making the Kütahya-Eskişehir expedition [more…]