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Metros Are Working in Istanbul?

Are Metros Working in Istanbul? :Governor Vasip Şahin and President Kadir Topbaş, who made a statement at AKOM, announced that the problems caused by the disaster-level oil rain that was effective in Istanbul at some points were quickly resolved. Description at AKOM [more…]

Intercity Railways

Junction in Crossroads in Malatya

Junction Arrangement at Level Crossings in Malatya: The 2nd session of the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality July Ordinary Meeting was held. At the meeting, problems in level crossings due to Malatya-Sivas Railway line separating Topsöğüt and Yeşiltepe neighborhoods [more…]

Intercity Railways

Car collided with railbus in Kütahya 1 dead

Car Collided with Raybus in Kütahya 1 dead: Raybus making the Kütahya-Eskişehir expedition hit the car at the level crossing. Emine Özdemir, who was in the car that was dragged in front of the train about 100 meters in the accident, lost her life. [more…]


MEB Abroad Will Be Sent

Ministry of National Education Teacher Applications to be sent abroad: Ministry of National Education will assign teachers abroad. Applications for the selection of teachers to be assigned abroad for the education of foreign languages ​​have started. Ministry of Education English Education [more…]