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New Silk Road Turkey will grow!

Turkish-Russian inter-parliamentary friendship group Deputy Chairman Savelyev said, “'Turkey will significantly expand its market and export volume with this project (with the New Silk Road). Because this transportation corridor takes the transportation time between Turkey and China. [more…]


Trambus Period Begins in Şanlıurfa

Trambus Era Begins in Şanlıurfa: The Metropolitan Municipality, which facilitates transportation in Şanlıurfa by making innovations in public transportation every day, raises the quality in public transportation with the New Generation Public Transportation system Trambus. Speaking in the Trambus promotional program [more…]


Arslan: "We Bring Shipping All Over the Country"

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said, “Our satisfaction, our pride, is that we bring maritime, a love of the sea, to inland waters all over the country.” said. Due to the Maritime and Cabotage Festival, the Kars-Ardahan border [more…]