Women Want Respect in Traffic

Women Want Respect in Traffic: While the priority of the Metropolitan Municipality in Bursa started to apply priority wagons to female passengers at the request of the people, a marginal group made protests from place to place. In this research, we will examine the countries in the world in women's private wagons.

There is no account of women's harassment, attacks, etc. had It's not a day that a woman is not attacked!

Although governments have tried various projects to eliminate this immorality, which is a common problem of the whole world, some kind of desired successes cannot be achieved. After these harassment and sexual assaults, it is often reflected in the press that women are sometimes killed. Özgecan Aslan, who was murdered after being raped in the attack of a mentally sick pervert 2 years ago, was extremely upset by the society, this brutality was spoken for days but unfortunately no serious solution could be produced ...


To protect women from harassment, assault and rape in metropolises and to ensure that they travel in more comfortable conditions, the pink bus application to the women who have been defended by Islamic thinkers for years could not be applied due to the sexism critique of the left part of the group, but this set was gradually being overcome,

Sample application from Şanlıurfa, Malatya and Bursa

In the bus application, which was started to be applied in Şanlıurfa, the bellows bus was offered for students studying at Harran University Osmanbey Campus and staying at Karaköprü Girls Dormitory. With this application, when the ladies travel in a separate and comfortable environment, neither the country has gone hand nor the apocalypse broke.

After the Urfa sample, the application of 'pink trambuses' that started in Malatya in the past months has enabled Malatya women to travel more comfortably ...

Another important step towards ensuring the comfort of women was taken by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. However, it was found interesting that the so-called women's associations and feminist associations opposed the metropolitan municipality of Bursa to initiate the implementation of priority wagons for female passengers.

Feminists unmistakable attitude!
Feminists who claim to protect women is considered to be a reason to consider this method as a defeat against harassment instead of defending the woman who is oppressed and occasionally abused in public transportation.
Similar attitudes exist in all left and feminist movements around the world. For example, in 2015, jeremy corbyn, one of the candidates of the workers' party presidency, was strongly rejected by the socialist parties and feminist structures that produced policies over women in the public transportation vehicles in England. .

This application is also in the Islamic world
In fact, feminist and left the building before the separate wagons stood strongly against the practice of Islam in the world is not a practice started in Turkey; 10 years in united arab emirates for 7 years in egypt for XNUMX years in indonesia

Harassment iz claim collapses if education level increases
The criticism of feminist and secular movements that “if education level increases, harassment and sexual assaults will decrease, therefore, separate wagon practice is sexist, should not be” is not healthy… interestingly, there are countries with the highest education level and income level in the harassment list. How will the United States be among the top ten countries with the highest rates of abuse in the UK and Germany? So, education alone cannot stop this disgrace. Education is important in this struggle, of course, but it should be insufficient.

Examples of women-specific wagon application in the world
So there is no other way than trying to apply a private wagon or private vehicle to the ladies, which the left Femicist section calls defeat against harassment. As a matter of fact, it has been tried on a world scale… For example, there are trains that provide special services for women since 2009 in India…
For more than a decade in Japan, she has been using women's wagons on some of the subway and train lines because more than half of the women who took the train in Tokyo were harassed, according to research.

Istanbul traffic in particular needs pink bus pink wagon applications. Metrobuses in the morning and evening with a problem in the place, in a place worthy of the woman who suffered from harassment in places should be applied urgently.
To sum up, mothers want respect in traffic.

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