06 Ankara

Signboard Rebellion of Visually Impaired

The information signs prepared in Brail alphabet with the line (route) and the name number placed by the EGO General Directorate on the windows of the closed bus stops for the visually impaired people to travel without the need of anyone's help, are constantly destroyed by malicious people. [more…]


Sivas Public Bus Chooses Your Own

The Municipality of Sivas met with the Public Bus Cooperative to change the public buses that did not meet the needs in the city. In this context, the new public buses will be selected by Sivasliler. Vehicles for publicity purposes while exhibited at the City Square [more…]

Intercity Railways

Pamukova 13 Year Over The Train Scope!

The "speed" story that started in TCDD with the inclusion of the Speed ​​Railway Project in 1975 in the investment program, in the Booz-Allen Hamilton Report of 1995, suggested to run a prestige train with a speed of 160 km / h between Ankara and Istanbul. [more…]

34 Istanbul

IMM: Trees Will Not be Cut in Finch

Project studies are being carried out on the finicular line that will pass through Aşiyan Park, and project studies are carried out on the finicular line that will pass through Aşiyan Park. No trees will be cut during the works. Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board and Ministry of Environment and Urbanization Istanbul Provincial Directorate [more…]

35 Izmir

Elevator Trench in İZBAN

Karşıyaka Escalators and elevators of Şemikler İZBAN Station have not been working since the Eid. Citizens said, “Disabled citizens climb the stairs with difficulty. We have to take the strollers and climb the stairs with our children. Elevator and escalator problem exists in many parts of Izmir [more…]

34 Istanbul

New Galata Bridge Maintenance Works

The New Galata Bridge Will Be Made This Night Maintenance Work On the new Galata Bridge, the bridge will be opened to sea traffic by lubricating the support, beams and locks of the scales. The bridge is therefore "25.07.2017" Tuesday between 01:30 and 04:30. [more…]

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34 Istanbul

Rail System Projects Will Make Its Mark on 2019 in Istanbul

Havaray and Dekovil lines draw attention in the rail system projects that will be put into service in Istanbul in 2019. While the transportation investments of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality continue without slowing down, it is aimed to connect all districts to each other with a rail system with the metro investments. IMM this [more…]


Governor of the High-Speed ​​Train

Speaking at the meeting of the third meeting of the Uşak Provincial Coordination Board in 2017, Governor Salim Demir gave the good news of High Speed ​​Train to the people of Uşak. Governor Demir; “One of the important investments is the Ankara-İzmir High Speed ​​Train line. Our Prime Minister's [more…]

06 Ankara

Esenboğa Metro Extends to the Fairground

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek and TOBB, ATO, ASO, ATB mayors and Akyurt Mayor for the route of the metro to be built to Esenboğa Airport by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications through the fair area to be built in Akyurt; Transport, Maritime and [more…]


Today in History: 24 July 1920 Ankara Government ...

In History Today July 24, 1908 Abdulhamid declared the Constitutional Monarchy by enforcing the Constitution. 24 July 1920 The Ankara Government nationalized their budgets, confiscating all the railways. Officers and workers of the railways owned by foreign companies were considered government officials. Additional [more…]