Kabataş Mahmutbey Metro Line Warehouse and Connection Tunnels Construction Prequalification Results (Special Report)

Kabataş-Mahmutbey Metro Line Warehouse Area and Connection Tunnels Construction Work was done on 08.09.2016 at 11:00 by collecting pre-qualification proposals. Kabataş-Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey Metro Line from Tekstilkent-Giyimkent Station, which was manufactured within the scope of the production of tunnels that will provide access to the warehouse area, and Warehouse [more…]


Akçaray's work does not slow down

Akçaray works does not slow down: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality conducts Akçaray tramway works simultaneously in many parts of the city. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Akçaray carries out the tram works simultaneously in many parts of the city. Tramway work is different according to the nature [more…]


Historic Basalt Stones Found in Diyarbakır Train Station

Historical Basalt Stones Found During the Work at Diyarbakır Train Station: The basalt stones found during the excavation during the restoration works at Diyarbakır Train Station completely changed the project. Basalt stones unearthed during excavation during the restoration work at Diyarbakır Train Station [more…]

35 Izmir

Aliağaya Night Flights Not Possible

Aliağaya Night Expeditions Are Not Possible: Citizens who wanted public transportation vehicles to travel XNUMX hours in Izmir started a petition on Change.org. Citizens who complain about the lack of public transportation services to Menemen and Aliağa after midnight, [more…]

Edirnekapı Metrobus Stop Will Be Closed In Two Weekends
34 Istanbul

Images of Knife Air Conditioning Fight Revealed in Metrobus

The images of the moments when the metrobus driver argued over the air conditioning and stabbed the passenger in the growing debate after the metrobus stopped, the images reflected in the camera in the metrobus where the incident occurred. The incident at Zincirlikuyu Metrobüs stop occurred on September 6, 2016. That day [more…]

17 Canakkale

Çanakkale Bridge Provided Çed Approval

EIA Approval was given to the Dardanelles Bridge: As one of Turkey's most prestigious transportation projects will be implemented in Istanbul and Çanakkale-Balıkesir Motorway Project's EIA report was approved. Starting from Istanbul Silivri and continuing to include the Çanakkale Bridge, the motorway will end in Balıkesir. [more…]


Rail system in Trabzon is preparing to tender

In Trabzon, the Rail system is preparing for the tender: Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality took the second step by entering the 2016 Performance Program at the October council meeting in the Light Rail System, determining the route and storage points. Metropolitan Municipality now [more…]

38 Kayseri

Erciyes ready for ski season

Erciyes is ready for the ski season: Erciyes Mountain, one of the symbols of Central Anatolia with its cloud-piercing summit, snow that is not missing from its summit, and its majestic view, is preparing to welcome ski lovers in the new season with its facilities at European standards and tracks reaching 105 kilometers. Erciyes Mountain, Kayseri Metropolitan [more…]

07 Antalya

New Municipal Buses Arrived in Antalya

New Municipal Buses Arrived in Antalya: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality brought new municipal buses to Antalya to be a solution to the crisis in public transportation. 50 new buses were to be bought with the decision taken in the Metropolitan Council before. 40 of these buses are in Antalya today [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metro flew housing and office prices in Umraniye

Metro has blown housing and office prices in Ümraniye: The metro line built between Üsküdar and Sancaktepe has already blown the prices of 100 residences and 10 office projects in the region. The giant transport move to Istanbul with the rail system also drags investors after it. Metropolitan Municipality, [more…]

12 Bingol

The Road to Hesarek Ski Resort Completed

Hesarek Ski Resort Road Has Been Completed: The 4-kilometer road of Hesarek Ski Facilities, costing 11 million Lira, has been completed. Bingöl Governor Yavuz Selim Köşger inspected the road to the 11 km long ski facility, which was started and completed this year. [more…]

35 Izmir

Tram review from award-winning architect

Tram criticism from award-winning architect: Award-winning architect Ersen Gürsel received a warning for the tram project, which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality turned into a puzzle. Expressing that the tram line should end in Konak, Gürsel said, "If the line continues, it will be a mistake" said the construction of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]

06 Ankara

TCDD, RAY Victims of the Trees

TCDD, Trees RAY has announced the news of the Victims: TCDD General Directorate Press and Public Relations Consultancy in the scope of the work of CapitalRay work at the Hacettepe Emergency Hex Park Metropolitan Metropolitan Park close to 30 to respond to news related to cutting [more…]

34 Istanbul

Istanbula ring road metro

İstanbula ring road subway: Details of the metro to be built between Kazlıçeşme and Söğütlüçeşme have emerged. The metro, which will start from Kazlıçeşme and extend from Rumeli Hisarı to the Observatory through a tube passage, and from there to Söğütlüçeşme, will be the ring road metro of Istanbul. 40 kilometers long metro; Marmaray, Metrobus [more…]

34 Istanbul

Decision on the case of writing on the subway wall

The verdict in the case of writing on the subway wall: The defendant Süreyya S., who was on trial for insulting Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş with his writing on the wall of Hacıosman Metro Station and damaging public property, was sentenced to 21 months and 20 days in total. [more…]

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06 Ankara

Esenboğa Airport 5 billion pounds metro connection

5 billion lira metro connection to Esenboğa Airport: The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications has terminated the feasibility studies of the 5 billion lira Esenboğa Airport Rail System Connection Project. Passing through Ankara Keçiören, Altındağ, Pursaklar, Akyurt and Çubuk, 1.518.215.820,00? [more…]

34 Istanbul

3.Köprü tickets also hit prices

3.Köprü tickets also hit their prices: Some transportation companies, which raise prices for 10-20 pounds, are paying the bridge to the passenger's pocket. Buses that make scheduled intercity transportation are both material due to the necessity to use Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. [more…]

16 Bursa

High speed train from Müezzinoğlu to Bursa

High-speed train good news from Müezzinoğl to Bursa: Minister of Labor and Social Security Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, "Bursa looks to the future, walks to the future." said. Müezzinoğlu also added that Bursa's only shortcoming is the high-speed train. Müezzinoğlu at the Democracy Square on July 15 in Bursa [more…]