3.Köprü tickets also hit prices

3.Köprü tickets also hit their prices: Some transportation companies, which raise prices for 10-20 pounds, are paying the bridge to the passenger's pocket.
Due to the necessity of using the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, it is very difficult for the buses which make long distance transportation.
The toll of the third bridge, which becomes compulsory for buses, is 21. Some of the transport companies, the bus ticket prices after the opening of the 10-20 pound increased.
Scheduled buses have to leave the bus station and leave the bus station even if there is only one passenger. 15 A bus to the Harem from the July Democracy and Martyrs' Bus Station was driving the 46 mile before the bridge was built. After the new bridge, this distance has reached 117 kilometers. With this account, the buses go an extra mile in the 140 mile. This means that the 40 liter consumes more fuel. 15 axles, which pay a one-way 3 TL transit fee on the FSM Bridge in advance, pay double to the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. The total cost of travel along the motorway link increased to 21 liras and the additional cost of transportation to 42 TL was revealed.
Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, especially Bursa, Izmit, Yalova, Istanbul, such as the duration of the journey of citizens going to provinces near Istanbul. A passenger who reacted to the situation said, uk We were already on the 1.5 hour and now two hours are over. Durum A bus company official carrying out flights to Izmit also complained about the prolongation of the road. However, our passengers are in rebellion. The road lengthened excess fuel recently led to an increase in ticket prices. Normally we were going to Izmit in 1 and an hour and a half, but now we find 2 and an hour and a half. Normal
Intercity bus companies such as Ulusoy, Metro Turizm, Kamil Koç we have reached 3. the bridge is made compulsory and the route will not change. Many companies complain that the company said that the police, 500 lira penalty penalty when they use the bridge.
Anatolia came from the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge (3. Bridge) to reach the truck by truck and truck trucks to reach the hike began. The bridge hike of transporters to transportation prices, demijohn water to fruit and vegetables, furniture to transport has caused a price increase in many products. 19 pound of 9.75 liter of water with the price of 0.60 pounds 10.40 penny rise with the 60 pounded. Burhan Er, President of Istanbul Fruit-Vegetable Brokers and Merchants Association, said, aşa After passing the bridge and the bridge, the road difference of XNUMX to Bayrampaşa is reflected in wages. Everything from rice to bread will be affected, Pir he said.
3 axles of the passing of the passenger bus from the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge before the transition from the 15 July Democracy and Martyrs Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge 15 pounds were spent with the fee. Together with the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, except for the fuel costs of buses, the bridge crossing and motorway arrival and arrival fees increased by 40.

  • İstoç-Mahmutbey Junction - Riva: 112 TL
  • İstoç-Mahmutbey Junction - Paşaköy: 139 TL
  • İstoç-Mahmutbey Junction - Çekmeköy: 143 TL
  • İstoç-Mahmutbey Junction - Çamlık: 153 TL

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