Erciyes ready for ski season

Erciyes is ready for the ski season: Erciyes Mountain, one of the symbols of Central Anatolia with its cloud-piercing summit, snow that is not missing from its summit, and its majestic view, is preparing to welcome ski lovers in the new season with its facilities in European standards and tracks reaching 105 kilometers.

With the “Erciyes Mountain Master Plan” of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Mount Erciyes has modern mechanical facilities, tracks suitable for ski lovers at all levels and alternative accommodation facilities.

Those who prefer Mount Erciyes at an altitude of 25 thousand 3, 916 kilometers from the city center, ski on difficult and easy tracks, experience the excitement of snowboarding, and enjoy the journey to the top of the mountain with gondolas and teleski.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Erciyes AŞ Chairman of the Board of Directors Murat Cahid Cıngı said that they continue to work at Erciyes Ski Center throughout the winter in order to provide better service to ski lovers and to increase quality.

In the winter they have found the opportunity to fix the track errors in the snow eruption Cıngı, said:

“We corrected the slopes and widenings on the runways all summer long. We also made great efforts to break the rocks on the tracks. This work was a great service to Erciyes. We will no longer experience the troubles we experienced during the crushing of the snow due to the rocks, a softer soil was formed. We also germinated the earthy parts, planted weeds and weeds. The mountain is a constantly working organism. We experience rock and stone rolling, cable breaks. For this reason, we are doing a renovation work throughout the summer. "

  • Specialist team dedicated to ropeways

Cıngı stated that they were sensitive about the safety of mechanical facilities in the ski center and that they formed a team of experts in maintenance of these facilities.

Turkey have been trained in this field have a lot of striking workers Cıngı, "Life, cable cars are very special equipment, everyone can not do their repairs. The team we formed received training of this business abroad. All of our ropeways were inspected throughout the summer, from bolts to screws, from pulleys to poles. " he spoke.

  • Appeals to all levels of skiing

Erciyes, Turkey's most complex and has become a ski resort that expresses Cıngı where the latest technology products, mechanical facilities 18 this year, said they were ready to go marching bands and those kayaksever Although the ski lift.

The length of the runway has reached the 105 kilometers Cıngı, said:

“Our tracks are long enough to be preferred by an international standard ski lover. Because people do not want to slide on the same track all the time. The most important feature of Erciyes is that we have 4 different entry points: Tekir gate, Develi gate, Hacılar and Hisarcık gate. All of these entrance gates have features that people can find unique to them. For example, Tekir Kapı is a habit of Erciyes. It is a place that is highly demanded by the public due to the opportunity to travel with gondolas. Develi Kapı has a more elite customer base. Hisarcık Kapı is also a busy place demanded by skiers, a place with challenging, challenging tracks. We have tracks according to the sliding ability of everyone. This feature makes Erciyes attractive for both local and foreign tourists. "

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 16:52

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