Esenboğa Airport 5 billion pounds metro connection

Billion lira metro connection to Esenboga airport
Billion lira metro connection to Esenboga airport

5 billion lira metro connection to Esenboğa Airport: The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications terminated the feasibility studies of the 5 billion lira Esenboğa Airport Rail System Connection Project.

The final report of the 1.518.215.820,00?, 4 billion 998 thousand 573 thousand 765 TL Esenboğa Airport Rail System Connection Project passing through Ankara Keçiören, Altındağ, Pursaklar, Akyurt and Çubuk has been completed.

Scalpel to the public transportation of the capital

25 thousand 111 meters of rail system will be built for public transportation of Ankara, 26 thousand 281 meters of which are underground. The project will proceed from underground and will surface on 2 points. The transportation of 2020 thousand passengers per hour in 12 and 2030 thousand 15 passengers in 475 will be modeled, while 20 hours of transportation will be provided daily.

Rail system will be the solution of Ankara

With the project coordinated by the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, the standard suburban transportation demand that will cover Keçiören, Altındağ, Pursaklar, Akyurt and Çubuk will be met and a faster public transportation connection will be provided. The rail system is planned to be implemented as a parallel arrival and departure double track rail system. The construction period of the project is estimated to be about 5 years.

2 service will give multiple

The metro system, which operates at high frequencies and operates at a number of stops, will be provided with an express train service that operates at a lower frequency and stops at the stops between Ankara and Esenboğa Airport.

Details of the express train service

This type of service is offered as a type of service that does not stop at any stop between Ankara and Esenboğa Airport. This time it will be provided by the use of the same railway vehicles as the metro service. Thus, the existing railway vehicles will be used in the most efficient way and the efficiency and flexibility of the line will be improved.

Express service will operate between Kuyubaşı Station and Esenboğa Station. The reason for offering this as an alternative was evaluated as meeting Ankara's need to connect to Esenboğa Airport faster than the metro service. However, express train services will be limited to two trips per hour in each direction due to the need for some metro services to be disrupted in order to operate each express service.

How to use it?

The rail system will be installed in two lines as one departure and one arrival. There will be 7 units and 3 switching points along the line. Crossing points will also be used as a train storage area, allowing trains to switch lines when they need to change direction.

The project will be integrated into the Tandogan-Keçiören Metro line, which is called the M4 line. Citizens who board the Keçiören Metro will be able to go to Esenboğa Airport by transferring at Kuyubaşı Station. The planned rail system, starting from Kuyubaşı Mevkii, will cross Esenboğa Airport and end at Yıldırım Beyazıt University (University Area) in Çubuk.

All 7 stations will be used for the metro service that will connect Esenboğa and then Çubuk Yıldırım Beyazıt University campus. Moreover, an express train (not stopping at stops) service will be provided, which will further speed up the transportation between Esenboğa Airport and Ankara. This line will be a total of 25 km long double track lines. On the side of the University Station, there will also be a link to the train depot where the trains are towed and maintained.

  1. wellhead
  2. North Ankara
  3. pursaklar
  4. Saraykoy
  5. Fair
  6. Esenboga
  7. University

Designed for a speed of 120 km per hour

Although the maximum speed is 120 km / s, the service speed of the services will be limited to 100 km / h. Expedition range is at least 3,5 minutes, each train will be provided with two train trains. There will be a waiting time of 30 seconds at the stops to allow passengers to get on and off.

Each train can take 1000 passengers

Trains to serve in the system will be able to carry 1.000 to 1.200 units per passenger. Stations of trains scheduled to be at least 120 meters in length will also be at 150 meters. The average distance between stations varies between 3,5 and 4 km.

With the planned project;

Metro service; the metro service with multiple stops and high voyage frequency will be provided. Trains to work will stop at each station with customized platforms, which will separate the pedestrian stream as arrivals and departures.

2.8 million tons of excavation will be removed

25 thousand 111 meters of tunnel will be opened in the construction of the Metro project and 2 million 800 thousand tons of excavation will be produced. Assuming that approximately 20 will work on each job site, the total 140 staff will be involved in construction work. During operation, 7 personnel will be employed in each of the stations.

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