60 new bellows bus was commissioned in Izmir (Photo Gallery)

60 new bellows bus was put into service in İzmir: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has strengthened its public transportation fleet with 60 new bellows bus. Speaking at the ceremony held due to the entry of new buses Aziz Kocaoglu, Karşıyaka 2 on the tram will testify that the test run will begin after months.
Emphasizing that the unfair practice regarding the distribution of the properties of the Special Provincial Administration continues, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “Even if the core of the justice system remains in this country, we will continue our just cause and we will own these properties. This is our most natural right, ”he said.
100 out of 60 articulated buses purchased by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate from OTOKAR company were put into service with a ceremony. Speaking at the ceremony held in Bostanlı for modern and environmentally friendly buses costing 59 million lira, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kocaoğlu drew attention to the fact that they started to serve 30 districts with the changed local government law and that the public transportation network has expanded to the same extent.
Fleet age dropped to 6
Stating that the General Directorate of ESHOT has purchased 12 buses with an investment of 638 million lira in the last 1305 years, President Aziz Kocaoğlu said that the age of the fleet is below 6, which EU standards set as the optimum age limit.
Stating that the bus fleet is growing day by day, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “As of the current point, ESHOT General Directorate provides public transportation service with 1502 vehicle capacity and 4150 personnel. Our company, İZULAŞ, which carries out joint services with the General Directorate of ESHOT, continues its activities with 344 buses and 1024 personnel in line with the same understanding ”.
Electric bus fleet installed
Mayor Kocaoglu ESHOT attention of many firsts in Turkey's General Directorate, "20 to 12 meters in length, completely tender in terms of supply of the first fleet of buses powered by electricity was performed. It is planned to be put into service as of March 2017. An investment of 8 million 800 thousand Euros has been made to purchase these vehicles. In the meetings we held within the framework of our Ankara contacts, we have made significant progress in generating the electricity that will provide the consumption of our institutions ”.
Trial on the tram starts
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, explained the investments in the rail system:
“Living in the modern city is possible by carrying the main backbone of transportation to the rail system. We are trying to make rail system investments quickly for healthy and comfortable transportation on time. I took the 11 km subway. Today the metro has gone up to 21 km. İZBAN works for 110 km. All the works of the Metropolitan Municipality on the 26 km long Selçuk line have been completed. At the end of TCDD's work, we will put it into service. İZBAN will work from Selçuk to Aliağa. We conveyed the issue of starting the investment of Bergama pipeline as soon as possible to the Prime Minister, and he expressed his good intentions for the tender. Karşıyaka Trial runs will begin on the tram 2 months from now. It will start carrying passengers around February-March. Konak tramway will be activated in the period of October 2017-November. The total length of the two tram lines is 24 km. With the activation of the Selçuk İZBAN line, we will reach a 180 km rail system. "
Emphasizing that metro investments will continue, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “All the works of Üçkuyular-Narlıdere subway are completed. It was opened for signature at the Council of Ministers by the Ministry of Development. Loan negotiations have been completed, and we will put out the tender after the approval of the Council of Ministers. The project work of our Buca Tınaztepe-Üçyol metro line is finished. After the same process, we will put out to tender in 2017. “Its total length is 20 km including Narlıdere”.
Stating that all ferries have been renewed in order to strengthen sea transportation and approval processes are awaited for the establishment of new piers, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu added that the construction works of new roads that will relieve the road traffic are continuing. Mayor Kocaoglu, the system providing the single ticket 90 minutes, transportation is expressed as a single application in Turkey, "Who are you calculate if calculated from anywhere, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality of subsidies given to transport, is many times more than from all cities of Turkey," he said.
Our rights to the Special Provincial Administration
Aziz Kocaoglu, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, who shared his views on the sharing of the property of the Special Provincial Administration which was closed, said:
“These goods do not overshadow the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. More than 95 percent of the duties of the Special Provincial Administration were assigned to the Metropolitan Municipality. The properties of the Special Provincial Administration are those purchased with the resources of Izmir and local local capital. It is the property of Izmir. The title deeds must be given to the Metropolitan Municipality, which undertakes the duties of the Special Provincial Administration. There is no hesitation in this regard in the judiciary. There is hesitation in the administration. The Special Provincial Administration has two large buildings in Konak. The judiciary said, "These should be distributed according to duty." Our past governor made himself a partner to both of them. Our newly arrived governor has now held a meeting and took all these properties into his own, as the Investment Monitoring Coordination Board was given legal personality within the framework of the state of emergency. Of course, this case will continue. Even if the core of the justice system remains in this country, we will continue our just cause and we will own these goods. This is our most natural right. "
Akpınar calls for sensitivity
Karşıyaka The Mayor Huseyin Mutlu Akpinar, wishing good luck to the new bus Izmir "Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with his understanding of equal services to 30 districts studies should be an example to Turkey," he said. Akpınar also condemned the violence against drivers serving in public transportation and called on all segments of the society to be sensitive about this issue.
Will inherit the future
Otokar General Manager Assistant Basri Ahmed in large cities, noting that increasing the importance of public transport, "We are delighted to accompany Turkey's most beautiful cities of Izmir's steps taken in this direction Otokar as. "This signature of İzmir in the field of public transportation with modern, efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly vehicles will also be an important social heritage for future generations."
Stating that all of the buses put into service by Otokar with XNUMX% Turkish capital are a product of Turkish engineers and Turkish R&D, Akgül thanked the Metropolitan Municipality for contributing to the development of the domestic industry.
After the ceremony held for the introduction of new buses, Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu took the first trip with the guests.

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