TCDD, RAY Victims of the Trees

TCDD, Trees RAY Victim made a statement: TCDD General Directorate of Press and Public Relations Consultancy within the scope of BaşkentRay work in the Hacettepe Emergency Six Park near the 30'a responded to the news about cutting down trees.
In the answer given by TCDD, it was stated that the existing railway line between Ankara Station and Kayaş would be increased from 2 to 4 and therefore expropriation was made on the edges of the line, while it was stated that the permission was obtained from the Ankara Regional Directorate of Forestry and the trees that could be transported were removed.
TCDD's Response to the News on Tree Massacre
TCDD made a statement about the trees cut down within the scope of Başketray project, TCDD deemed necessary due to the news titled “Trees RAY victim haber.
News, TCDD carried out by Başkentray during the work of the Metropolitan Park in the Emergency Six Hacettepe 30'a said that the tree was not transplanted.
In order to provide suburban transport between Sincan-Kayaş in the subway standard in Ankara and to establish sufficient infrastructure capacity for Ankara-based core High Speed ​​Train lines, the works of Başkentray Project have been started as of July 11.
Within the scope of the project, it has become compulsory to remove the existing railway from 2 line to 4 line in order to create sufficient infrastructure capacity for suburban, high speed trains and other conventional trains of railway between Ankara Gar and Kayaş stations.
Additional expropriations were compulsory due to the expansion of the line section. The places corresponding to the mentioned green area are within the additional expropriation area and permission has been obtained from the Ankara Regional Directorate of Forestry.
Within the framework of the permission, those who can be transported from trees in Hacettepe Hospital Emergency Six Park have been transported and those that cannot be removed have been removed.
160 has been a model in this field by showing sensitivity to the environmental regulations of the stations and stations for the past years, while the Başkentray Project is being carried out and will carry out the necessary landscaping works around the Ankara-Kayaş-Sincan railway line and at our stations.

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