The forgotten icon of Sarajevo was introduced to the ropeway

The forgotten icon of Sarajevo was introduced: the cable car, one of the forgotten symbols of Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, will be re-opened in April.

The forgotten landmarks of Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, will be reinstated in April.

Sarajevo, which was first introduced in 1959 but completely damaged during the Bosnian War, will be made available to citizens again.

The new ropeway, which will serve between the city center and Trebevic Mountain, was introduced to the public with a ceremony called g panoramic gondola k.

Sarajevo Deputy Mayor Abdulah Skaka, in his speech at the presentation, said that the new ropeway was introduced as a terek feast “for today's Sarajevo city and its people.

Skaka, who says that today is very important for him because he was born in a house next to the old ropeway, he added that the old ropeway was unavailable and that therefore a completely new ropeway would be built.

The Cabinet was placed in front of the Vijecnica Library, one of the symbols of Sarajevo, and the citizens showed great interest.

The new ropeway to be built by an Italian company will be capable of carrying a thousand 200 passengers per hour. The 33 cabin will be located in the 7 minute 15 in the city center.

The first ropeway in Sarajevo, 1959, was put into service at 583 meter altitude Bistrik district, on the trekking mountain range of Mount Xnumx at the top of the hill. The 160 bin 2 meter cable car was the largest of its kind in the region.

Hosted by Sarajevo in the 1984 Winter Olympics at the Winter Olympics and the city's most iconic cable car, the 1992-1995 war in the years had become very damaged and unusable.

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