86 China

China High Speed ​​Train

China High-speed train under Seddin: crazy project from China… The country will pass the new high-speed train for the winter Olympics under the Great Wall of China. According to the news of Russia Today; China 2022 Winter Olympics [more…]


Changes in Gebze bus routes

Gebze bus routes have been changed: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark A.Ş. has changed some of the lines connected to Gebze Garage from October to October 01. Intense demands from citizens and operating conditions [more…]

Intercity Railways

Level crossing field work continues

Level crossing field works in progress: TCDD Adana 6. Brochures and posters prepared by Regional Directorate of Security and Risk Management Department were distributed to drivers and driver candidates. Level crossings to be followed [more…]

34 Istanbul

IETT changes driver's cab

IETT is changing driver cabs: Arif Emecen, General Manager of IETT Operations, carried out a revitalized test of new cabins to be made after the attack on the metrobus driver. In his test, the booths are adequate against attack [more…]


Route changes at the Thursday Market Junction

Route changes will be made at the Thursday Market Junction: Due to tramway work, routes will be changed at the Thursday Market Junction Within the scope of Sekapark-Otogar Inter-Tram Line Works that are being constructed by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Izmit [more…]

01 Adana

Railroad Warning

Disinfection Warning on Railway: TCDD Adana - Toprakkale - Iskenderun against the weeds against chemical spraying will be made by citizens due to chemical methods. In a written statement made by the Governorship of Adana, stations and stations [more…]

fethiye oludeniz air games festival has started m
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2 for the Babadag Cable Car Project

2 Monthly Tender for Fethiye Babadağ Ropeway Project: The ropeway project to be made in Fethiye Babadağ has come to an end. Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Akif Arıcan, Muğla after obtaining all permissions [more…]


URAYSIM construction started

Construction of URAYSIM started: Anadolu University Rector. Dr. Gündoğan stated that proje We will complete all our infrastructure and test equipment by the end of 2019 year and complete it at the beginning of 2020 year hakkında. Anatolian University [more…]


Tender Announcement: Overpass

General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) 5. REGIONAL IMMOVABLE PROPERTY DIRECTORATE Fevzipaşa-Diyarbakır Line Km: 502 + 189 Road Overpass Construction works According to Article 4734 of 19 Public Procurement Law [more…]