34 Istanbul

Chamber of Mechanical Engineers

Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Rail Systems Should Be Commissioned: The Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers made a written statement about the Metrobus accident that took place in Istanbul in the morning. In the statement, it was stated that the rail systems should stand out and the following was mentioned; "This morning Acıbadem [more…]

34 Istanbul

Person Detained Metrobus Driver Detained

The Person Who Battered the Metrobus Driver Was Detained: The Governorship of Istanbul announced that the citizen who attacked the metrobus driver with an umbrella and caused the accident in Acıbadem was detained. The moment the passenger was detained was also reflected in the cameras. Istanbul Governorship: The Person Who Battered the Driver [more…]

early warning system will be installed on vehicles to prevent metrobus accidents
34 Istanbul

The Moment of Umbrella Attack That Caused the Metrobus Crash

The Moment of the Umbrella Attack that Caused the Metrobus Accident: Images of the metrobus accident that took place in Istanbul appeared inside the vehicle. In the footage, the passenger attacks the driver with an umbrella. The driver also leaves the steering wheel and interferes with the passenger. And 11 people in Acıbadem [more…]

34 Istanbul

New subway line to Anatolian side

The new metro line is coming to the Anatolian side: Kartal Yakacık-Pendik Tavsantepe subway will be opened at the end of the month. Kadıköy Flight time between Pendik will be reduced to 35 minutes Kartal-Yakacık-Pendik-Tavşantepe (Kaynarca) metro line after the works carried out by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) [more…]

7 Russia

He Was Under The Tram While Looking At His Mobile Phone

The woman, who forgot that she was on the tramway while dealing with her cell phone in Moscow, the capital of Russia, paid the price of her carelessness. Despite the immediate braking of the lift, the tram crushed the female pedestrian. The wounded, who was taken to the hospital quickly, could not be saved despite all the interventions.

train powered by hydrogen hydrogen powered train
33 France

Alstom Hydrogen-Powered Train Is Produced

French company Alstom has developed a hydrogen-powered train. These trains, which offer a quieter and more comfortable journey compared to other trains, are expected to become widespread in a short time. Most of the intercity trains now run on electricity. And also [more…]

49 Germany

TCDD 160. InnoTrans celebrated on 2016

TCDD 160. InnoTrans celebrates 2016: TCDD General Manager İsa ApaydınStating that 2003 billion lira has been invested in railways since 50,3, it will increase the total of 2023 thousand kilometers of railway network by 25, the share of rail transport in passengers. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Suicide Attempt in Istanbul Taksim Metro Station

Suicide attempt at Istanbul Taksim metro station: As a result of the suicide of a visually impaired person jumping on the rails at Taksim Metro Station, the flights were disrupted for a short time. Citizen was taken to hospital by ambulance At Taksim Metro Station, Metin Y. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Work accident on the Marmaras moved to Parliament

The work accident in Marmaray moved to Parliament: CHP Istanbul deputy Barış Yarkadaş carried the work murder in Mamaray to the agenda of the Assembly. Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Mr. Ahmet Arslan has made a motion for a reply to the request. Kerestecioğlu, 20 Electrical energy at Marmaray in September [more…]


Konya Wheat Market YHT Station works in progress

Konya Wheat Market YHT Station continues: Work started at the Wheat Bazaar YHT Station, which was eagerly awaited by the people of Konya and whose nationalization turned into a snake story. AK Party Deputy Ziya Altunyaldız said, “The stations serve as the center that pumps blood. In this respect the station [more…]

In Samsun, the tram schedule has changed on the weekend

People in Samsun Want an Overpass to Closed Station

People in Samsun want an overpass to the closed station: Citizens are waiting for an urgent solution for the rail stop temporarily closed by SAMULAŞ due to the problem of crossing in Samsun. The rail stop in Samsun, where there was a shortage of overpasses, was closed. Located opposite the rail stop [more…]


First Step for Trabzon Rail System Project

First Step was Taken for Trabzon Rail System Project: The first step was officially taken for the 'Rail System' in Trabzon. It was decided to add the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality's Rail system study to the 2016 Performance Program. Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

34 Istanbul

Nostalgic tram was approved by IMM

The nostalgic tram has been approved by IMM: The plan of the nostalgic tram line, one of the brand projects of Esenler Mayor Mehmet Tevfik Göksu, was accepted by the IMM Council and entered into the plans. It destroys the perception of Esenler in people's minds with brand projects and is biased with their work. [more…]

993 Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan on its way to becoming a logistics center

Turkmenistan, towards becoming a logistics center: Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) of Turkey-Turkmenistan Business Council Chairman Halil Avci, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov's vision with Central Asia's logistics center in Turkmenistan signed the massive project towards becoming a bright [more…]

49 Germany

ASELSAN on rails

ASELSAN has landed on the tracks: The national railway technologies developed by ASELSAN were unveiled at the InnoTrans Berlin 2016 Fair. ASELSAN participated in InnoTrans 2016 International Transportation Technology Fair in Berlin, Germany, Traction Systems, Train Control and Management Systems [more…]