34 Istanbul

Metrobus tragedy followed

After the metrobus disaster, the action was taken: Mesut Kösedağı, a member of the CHP Assembly of the IMM, proposed a bugün cab for the driver için for the safety of the metrobus drivers and the reduction of accidents. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

Reception of tcdd staff

TCDD recruitment of disabled staff

Recruitment of TCDD disabled personnel: It has been announced that 2 disabled personnel will be recruited to Konya State Railways Directorate of Turkish State Railways. Located in the State Personnel Presidency According to the announcement, the Republic of Turkey under the General Directorate of State Railways Administration [more…]

Intercity Railways

Adapazarı-Bartın Railway Project

Adapazarı-Bartın Railway Project to be Implemented: Ak Party Project Promotion Office's social media account shared a project that closely concerns the Western Black Sea Region and especially Zonguldak. Thanks to the Adapazarı-Bartın Railway Project, Bartın, Filyos, [more…]


Routes of Rail System in Trabzon

Trabzon Rail System Routes Determined: The first official step taken in Trabzon yesterday Light Rail System, today it was determined routes. The rail system is targeted to be brought into 2019. Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality in Light Rail System [more…]

61 Trabzon

Trabzon's ropeway project takes place

The ropeway project in Trabzon comes to life: The ropeway project of the ropeway project, which is thought to be built in Trabzon, was prepared. The cable car between the coast and the Botanic Park will have a total length of one thousand meters 3 and the separate station 2 [more…]