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Turkey's fast on its way

Turkey's fastest set out: Siemens Transportation Department Director Cüneyt Genç, InnoTrans in Berlin to test the latest high-speed train sets on display at the Fair after being sent to Vienna 2016 said would be delivered to TCDD, [more…]


The popularity of the bus journey does not end

The popularity of the bus journey does not end: Bus Station Manager Ömer Lütfi Ersöz made important statements to Memleket. Hızlı Even if high speed train and airplane flights are increased, the popularity of Konya Bus Station and bus transportation will continue ' [more…]


TCDD Continues to Purchase Workers

TCDD Continues Recruitment of At least High School Graduated Workers: The recruitment of at least high school graduates issued by the General Directorate of State Railways is continuing. The State as of the past days [more…]