34 Istanbul

From the subway to Galatasaray gospel

Metro news from Galatasaray to fans: Galatasaray Club announced that metro services will be used in the Çaykur Rizespor match, which will be played today in the 4th week of the Super League. The first time of the season in the Super League due to the penalty he received in the Super Cup [more…]

35 Izmir

The dangerous game in İZBAN

Dangerous game in İZBAN: Two negligence in İZBAN and the car ferry in İzmir made one give up. The name of the captain's lodge and the bridge used by the captain during the voyage on the "Ahmet Piriştina" car ferry that made the Üçkuyular-Bostanlı voyage [more…]

34 Spain

End of the train stopped the engineer stopped

The mechanic, whose shift was over, stopped the train and got off: The mechanic of the train, which was moving from the city of Santander, Spain to Madrid, stopped the train on the way because his shift was over. After the driver disappeared, the 109 passengers on the train took more than two hours. [more…]


Pensive Samsuns forgot the rail system

Dalgın Samsunlular forgot them on the rail system: Dalgın Samsunlular going to the record by forgetting their most important belongings on my rail system before the end of the year. Those traveling on Samsun SAMULAŞ Rail System line, mobile trains [more…]