A gift to the people of İzmir, 10 new metro vehicle arrived

A gift to the people of Izmir, 10 new subway vehicle came: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the number of vehicles in the metro system to 182 95 new vehicle's first 10'in brought to Izmir.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the passenger, station and fleet of Izmir Metro that will continuously increase the number of vehicles to 182 95 new vehicle brought the first 10 to Izmir. The vehicles, which were started to be manufactured in China in March 2015 and were completed in a short time such as 17 months, came to İzmir and took their place in Alsancak Customs on Friday. After the customs clearance process, the sets that were downloaded from the ship at night were lowered to the rails in Izmir Metro's Halkapınar warehouse in the morning with the help of cranes.
The incoming vehicles will be assembled by the Chinese CRRC Tanghsan company and set as 5 wagons, then passed the static and dynamic controls. After the tests, the trains will be presented to the service of the people of İzmir with the completion of the 11: 22 after 30, the 1000 kilometer test drive. On the other hand, there will be a train set for 5 vehicles in Izmir this month. The entire fleet of 240 million TL will be completed in March 2017. Thus, the number of vehicles of the Metro will increase to 182.
5 experienced drivers of Izmir Metro have previously received driving training on new trains at the manufacturer's factory in China and have received 'educational' formation. kazanhad been. During the test studies, other drivers will also be trained.
Metal and wood compatibility
It was inspired by the sea and the lively streets of Izmir, which embraced different cultures and traditions in its thousands of years of history in the design of the new metro cars of Izmir. The appearance of wood and metal was used in a harmonious manner in this design. Warm colors and materials were highlighted for the passengers. Designed with special materials, the wooden patterned ceiling was mounted on the walls. Inspired by the maritime atmosphere in color and material.
Three new technologies
The new vehicles of İzmir Metro come to the forefront with the features to be applied for the first time in our country. In new sets, there will be special systems that calculate the number of passengers in each door. Thanks to the Passenger Counting System (YSS), the Traffic Control Center will be able to see the occupancy rates of the wagons. This curtain is activated immediately before the doors are closed to see if there is any object in between, and according to the incoming data, the door is commanded. The system is important not only in our country, but also because it is a structure to be implemented by IFE (Automatic Door Systems) for the first time in the world. Another innovation is the light strips located in the door windowpanes. The strips are easily visible from the inside or outside by the passengers and warns the passenger whether the door is out of use. This prevents unnecessary time losses on the doors.
Technical specifications of vehicles:
Length: 117 m.
Width: 2,65 m.
Height: 3.76 m.
Passenger Capacity: 1.307 person
Sitting: 210 people

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