Solar powered lighting disassembled due to tram project

Solar-powered lighting was dismantled due to tram project: The solar-powered lighting poles recently laid by Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality were dismantled due to the tram project. The money of Izmir went to waste

A new one has been added to the public losses caused by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality due to its deficiencies in coordination and planning. 2015 solar-powered lighting poles installed on Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard in August 245 are being removed one by one by the Metropolitan Municipality. The solar-powered lighting poles on the route of the tram, whose plan and project have been changed many times, are quietly removed from their places. After the poles were put into service, it was seen that they did not provide sufficient lighting. The Metropolitan Municipality cost 685 lira for one of the poles, which became the target of the local residents and citizens of Izmir for this reason. It was decided to dismantle 2 poles erected 245 meters apart. However, the reason for this is not that the poles do not fulfill their function adequately, but that they are located on the last route of the tram project that has been changed many times. It was learned that all of the poles remaining on the route of the tram will be removed. Thus, when calculated at 685 liras each, 167 liras of Izmir residents were wasted.

Emphasizing that the silent removal of solar-powered lighting panels is actually a planned task, the Metropolitan Information Center said, “Since the infrastructure change is foreseen in the long term due to the projects, the lighting need of the region does not require any excavation and cabling infrastructure work, providing ease of assembly / disassembly, operating cost is minimal. and by using solar lighting products that can be reused in different locations, ”he said. However, no lighting pole was dismantled in the region before the solar lighting panels were installed. Due to the tram project, the dismantling of the solar-powered lighting poles, which is not clear why they were installed, has refuted the Metropolitan's thesis.

Günceleme: 09/12/2018 16:43

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