President Saraoğlu, Muratdağı Thermal Ski Center

Mayor Saraoğlu Examined the Works in Muratdağı Thermal Ski Center: AK Party Mayor Mehmed Ali Saraoğlu of Gediz district of Kütahya examined the works carried out in Muratdağı Thermal Ski Center on site.

Mayor Mehmed Ali Saraoğlu was accompanied by Gediz Deputy Mayor Hakan Arpacı, Municipal Council Members Erol Altıntaş, Mehmet Selim Şentürk, Şerif Ahmet Demir and Emin Aras. The delegation examining the key paving stone paving works in the S corners section on the road, which provides transportation to 22 apart motels and facilities that are completed in Muratdağı Thermal Spring, which is famous for its natural beauties, is a wooden cafe with veranda and cruise terrace. He received detailed information about.

Gediz Mayor Mehmed Ali Saraoğlu said in his statement: “The thermal tourism center Muratdağı is a wonder of the earth, which has come to the fore with its thermal waters, endemic plants, natural beauty and bird paradise. We are building a cafeteria in the area next to the new administrative building and market. Muratdağı Cafeteria, which will be completed in a very short time, will be built with a dimensions of 9 × 15 meters, with a 52.5 square meter veranda in front and a 160 square meter viewing terrace. Our facilities will be provided with a very nice looking terrace cafeteria built with wooden impregnation coating. Our citizens who come to Muratdağı for a holiday will be able to spend a pleasant time with their families by relaxing with a unique nature view on the cafeteria's cruise terrace. ”

Later, President Saraoğlu and his councilors, who went to Muratdağı Thermal Ski Center, examined the interior equipment and other works of 22 apart motels, the construction of which was completed in Dokuzçam and Gökoluk Highlands.

After analyzing the road maintenance and repair work completed on the climbing lane on the 25-kilometer Muratdağı Hot Spring road, President Saraoğlu stated that 6 thousand square meters of cube stone was used in the road work carried out through the Special Provincial Administration within the scope of the support received from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. He stated that the surface of the asphalt covered road, which has been damaged more in winter conditions, has a long-lasting, stronger and safer transportation.

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