Establishment of a ski resort in Kütahya

Establishing KÜTAHYA ski studies: Turkey Ski Federation (MHF) President Erol Benefits, the Gediz district of Kütahya Murat Mountain said that Turkey could become one of the major ski resorts.

Kütahya Governor Şerif Yılmaz, TKF President Erol Yarar and the accompanying delegation made investigations in the region regarding the ski center planned to be built in Murat Mountain. The delegation went up to the summit of Murat Mountain, which is approximately 2 thousand 300 meters.

TKF President Erol Benefits, said in a statement here, the Kutahya, said he was one of 48 provinces in Turkey can ski. Yarar noted:

"Gediz district of Kütahya Murat Mountain in powdery snow that is necessary for the thermal springs and skiing terms, may become one of Turkey's major ski resorts. The potential of our Kütahya is very high. Both have in the Aegean region could become very important for Turkey in terms of being a ski resort with both thermal sources. There is also powder snow suitable for skiing. The facilities, where both thermal and ski tourism will be carried out together, are expected to be established quickly. Murat Mountain will come to a very important place with both a forest area and a hot spring and ski areas. ”

He added that he would fulfill his duty to establish a ski center in Kütahya as a federation.

Governor Şerif Yılmaz also emphasized that Murat Mountain in Gediz is one of the highest mountains of the Aegean Region and is one of the rare mountains with powder snow in terms of snow potential and skiing.

Noting that Murat Mountain has important advantages in terms of both skiing and thermal tourism, Yılmaz said:

“We wanted to combine the thermal resources of Murat Mountain with the ski resort in order to contribute this value to both tourism and the economy. For a long time, we have been working on both allocation and zoning. TKF President Erol Yarar came with his team. We evaluated both Turkey and the world ski tourism. We want to do the works to be done on Murat Mountain together. We must take advantage of their experience and knowledge. Together with the neighboring provinces, we will open the way to make maximum use of the ski center we lack in the region. ”

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