Akçaray Tramway Project to be Completed on Time

Akçaray Tramway Project Time: The works for the tram project, which was started by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, continue at full speed. 150 days left to finish the tram
The works for the tram project (Akçaray), which was started by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, continue at full speed. 11 continues to work simultaneously and coordinated in different regions for Akçaray, which will provide transportation between Sekapark and Otogar with 7,2 units and 12 kilometers length. 7,2 continues to work at different points in the work that takes place along the 12 kilometer line.
Within the scope of tramway work, infrastructure works are carried out at Şahabettin Bilgisu Street, while excavation and filling work is continuing behind the Central Bank. The foundation excavation of 100 transformer building and the construction of the 6 transformer building is continuing.
Construction work will continue on the tram route. In the project where infrastructure and superstructure works are carried out, the production of 12 tramway vehicles is carried out. The first finishing of the vehicles, which were constructed and assembled in Bursa, was completed. 32 meter length and 300 passenger trolley vehicles. In Austria IFE door systems, single and double door mechanisms were tested. After the construction of the completed tramway vehicle, the seats were assembled, electrical systems were put into operation, various equipments were installed and the finishing touches were completed.
While the tramway works are in full swing, they continue to run per hour. It is published on the website of the Metropolitan Municipality, where there is 150 days left for Akçaray to be completed and the countdown continues. So according to this calculation, the tram should be operational on Thursday, February 2. The tramway, which will start from the bus station, will continue along the Yahya Kaptan Salkım Söğüt-Sarı Mimoza-Necip Fazıl streets after Hanlı Street. From here, along the central part of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard, Kaymakamlık-N. Kemal High School-M. Ali Pasha Mosque line. The tram line, which will descend from the west of the Eastern Kışla Park towards the D-100 Highway, will pass behind the Governorship building in the northern part of Şehit Rafet Karacan Boulevard in parallel with the D-100. The line curving from Hafız Binbaşı Street towards D-100 will continue in parallel to D-100 starting from the fair. The tram line, which will pass from Yeni Cuma Mosque to Şahabettin Bilgisu Street, will come in front of the Central Bank under the Fevziye Mosque and will reach Sekapark by passing Izmit Train Station from the northern part of İstasyon Street.

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