YOLDER Applies to the Administration for Free Chairs in Service Trains

YOLDER Applies to the Administration for Free Charge for Service Trains: TCDD 4 on the grounds that they are not serving as train chiefs for the free service costs of service trains. Starting from the salaries of the personnel of the Regional Directorate retrospectively, TCDD 3. and 1. YOLDER took action to learn that the Regional Directorates were preparing for similar applications and carried the issue to the General Directorate. It was emphasized that it was clearly against the law that the fact that the personnel serving on the service trains were not given free of charge.
In order for TCDD personnel to benefit from free printing in accordance with the Decree Law no. 399 and related directives; In the application where the contracted personnel, the duty on the train and the fact that the duty is actually fulfilled and there is no condition to act as a train chief, the application was terminated, the unjustified and unlawful interruptions were terminated and the refunds were requested.
In applications made by YOLDER, the road personnel who are assigned to all trains regardless of quality should be handed over free of charge, the service trains should be prevented from being operated with the freight train number, otherwise it would not be assigned to the freight train number service trains. .

Günceleme: 12/12/2018 17:07

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