Domestic manufacturer's description should be made in the rail system

RAYDER Chairman Taha Adin, despite the requirement of 51 localization rate in the auctions, said that first of all, the definition of domestic producer should be made in order to strengthen the domestic capital.
Taha Aydın, chairman of the Board of Directors of Rail Transport Systems and Industrialists' Association (RAYDER), said that the percentage of 51 localities brought to the tenders is a psychological limit, and that the definition of 'domestic producer' should be made in order to strengthen the domestic capital.
Stating that the world rail system market is 1.8 trillion dollars, Aydın said that Turkish industry has started to be recognized in the world as a country that has rail system technology and can produce. software tools in Turkey, traction motors and drives, door, can produce products requiring advanced technology, such as bog pointing Aydin, Durmazlar company, as well as tram and light subway vehicles, as well as the French firm Alstom reminded that a hundred percent domestic bogi produced. Pointing out that the 51 percent domesticity requirement in the tenders is a psychological limit, Aydın said, “The 51 percent limit means that production is possible in this country and that there is investment. It is also a limit that allows manufacturers to tidy themselves up. At this point we care a lot. Germany puts 60 percent in China, 70 percent in China, 70 percent in Russia, 65 percent in USA. In our case, the 51 limit may increase as country conditions develop. There must be a legal obligation and supervision in the tenders ”.
Foreign companies with Turkish partners participate in tenders
Emphasizing that foreign companies who are partners with Turkish companies can also participate in tenders in domestic producers, Aydın argued that the definition of 'domestic producer' should be changed. Zayıf Our weakest is the domestic capital. We need to strengthen this. Otherwise, it is not possible to develop R & D and develop technology. Geliştirmek Ir The share of capital structure within the shareholding structure is Turkish. As Turkish industry, we have no problems in terms of quality and production. Labor costs are lower than in Europe. Therefore, foreigners want to establish partnerships here. At this point, it is necessary to make the definition of alar domestic producer m in order to protect the domestic producer and to have the weight of Turkish companies in the capital structure. Otherwise, we cannot speak of localization. Aksi
”The Chinese have entered the sector like kamikaze“
RAYDER President Aydin, North China Railway (CNR) and South China Railway (CSR) with a budget of 50 billion dollars were combined under a single company, the state has provided a funding of 28 billion dollars has been informed. Chinese companies are supported by the Chinese state export registration and the auctions supported by the rate of 20 percent of the Chinese ile the Chinese come to the market with such support as kamikaze. Antalya, Izmir and Istanbul were awarded. Even Korea can't cope. Thanks to the state support, 20 can offer a low price. How domestic production will develop in this environment, Bu he said.
Single brand recommendation for the strong supplier industry
500 more than a thousand inhabitants of the tram, 1.5 million in places where the light rail and 2 more than a million in places where the use of metro, which should be identified as Aydın, X Europe 60-70 predicted this year ago. There was a late backwardness in Turkey related to the rail system. Now it's on the agenda. Now we are taking our chances of samples tested applications to expand this system in Turkey, "he said. Turkey and the subway across the country to be used in the production of one type of proposal will be determined within the framework of standards that Taha Aydin, "All the provinces are using the same tools. Brand may be different but get same standard. Thus, a sub-industry related to components should be formed. This will strengthen the domestic industry. Bu
2023 target 25 on the rail system
The Ministry of Transport's investment share in total public expenditure increased from 2003 percent in 17 to 2013 percent in 45. TCDD has made an investment of 11 billion TL in the last 20 years and an investment of 2023 billion TL is targeted by 100. TCDD has a budget of 2015 billion for 5, 2016 billion 12 million for 154 and 2017 billion 6 million lira for 94. Target until 2023; Construction of 3 kilometers of high-speed train, 500 kilometers of high-speed train, a thousand kilometers of conventional lines and a total of 8 thousand kilometers. By 500, it is aimed to increase the share of the railroad in freight transportation to 25 percent and to over 2023 percent in passenger transportation.

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