The number of deaths in the train crash in Elazığ rose to 9a

The number of deaths in the train accident in Elazig rose to 9: The number of deaths in the traffic accident that occurred as a result of the train in Elazig hitting the minibus and dragging about 400 meters increased to 9.
According to information obtained, the accident, Elazığ old Bingöl highway in the town of Yurtbaşı occurred. Tatvan-Ankara expedition engineer B. E administration passenger train, passing through the uncontrolled level crossing on the track Mesut Karakoç hanging on the rail run 23 DF 622 plate hit the minibus. While the 3'u jump out of the minibus in the van during the crash, the train stopped about a thousand 400 meters after dragging said. 3 people thrown from the van during the first collision 2'i died at the scene, 1 injured the person. 7 people were taken out of the minibus 5'i at the scene, 2 9 person died in the hospital, while the 1 person was seriously injured.
It was stated that 4 of those who lost their lives in a traffic accident in Elazig were Syrians. It was stated that 4 people who fled from the civil war in Syria and settled in Elazig worked together with 5 Turkish citizens in the greenhouse in Yurtbaşı town. Elazig Governor Murat Zorluoğlu, who came to the accident site where 5 Turks and 4 Syrians lost their lives, said that the train dragged the car about 400 meters, and a total of 7 people died, 2 at the scene and 9 at the hospital.
Governor Murat Zorluoğlu made a statement about the train accident that took place in Elazig, 4'ı Syrian 9 killed the person, 1 said that the person was seriously injured.
The accident occurred in the morning at the 10.45 in Elazığ, the car crashed into the van accident. 4 9 people died in the accident, 1 people were seriously injured. Instead of the accident Elazığ Governor Murat Zorluoğlu, the Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Ilker Basic also came. Zorluoğlu Governor, while receiving information from the authorities at the scene, listen to the relatives of the funeral reacted.
Governor Murat Zorluoğlu said, ”We started the day with a very sad event. Unfortunately, the time around the 10.42 Lake Elazığ Tatvan expedition Van Lake Express in the crossroads in our town of Yurtbaşı Belediyesi in a greenhouse with workers working in a greenhouse, and as a result of the collision, the 400 dragged a distance from the meter. At the scene, one of our 7 citizens lost their lives and our citizens of 3 were taken to hospitals in Elazığ. 2 unfortunately died in the hospital where they were removed. 1 has information that the wounded is heavy durum


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