Passenger Train and Freight Train Collide in Germany 2 dead 20 injured

Two people died in a train accident near Munich, Germany, and at least 14 were injured.

The German Federal police said in a statement that one of the dead were mechanic and the other was a passenger. It was announced that the three injured people were in severe condition.

The accident occurred at the Aichach train station near the city of Munich. The passenger train and the freight train collided with an unknown cause.

Polis sözcüMichael Jakob described the incident as follows: “At 21.15 near Aichach station, two trains hit each other. The Bavarian passenger train from the city of Augsburg crashed into the parked freight train. "

An investigation into the incident has been launched. KazanWhile the reason for the crash is not yet known, it was stated that the possibility of the high speed of the passenger train is being investigated.

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